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One-Stop Baby Products Supplier

River Baby is your best partner for OEM/ODM baby products that cater to your specific needs with complete supply chain integration for fast and efficient sourcing and unmatched quality.

World-Class Baby Product Supply

Discover how our range of baby product offerings can match your market needs.

New Products

Never satisfied with the status quo. Each year, River Baby’s professional R&D team constantly develop innovative baby products aimed at providing the market with reliable and comfortable baby products.

Benefits from Our Integrated Supply Chain

Providing exceptional service since 2014, River Baby is positioned to deliver effective and reliable solutions to your OEM/ODM baby product needs with fast and impacting results.

More Efficient

With our efficient supply chain integration, management and monitoring of the production process are easier and hassle-free. 


Aiming to meet your OEM/ODM needs with efficiency and sustainability, we implement strict quality and productivity standards to not only reduce costs but to ensure your customers receive high-quality baby products.

More Flexible

Whether you need a few or a large order of baby products wholesale, our integrated supply chain system ensures that we supply the products you need regardless of quantity.


Thanks to our R&D capabilities and integrated supply network, product customization is also a breeze, with the ability to accomplish your goals responsively.

More Affordable

Along with a faster and more efficient manufacturing process, our integrated supply chain management system streamlines the process, reducing production costs while delivering high-quality baby products. 


Our team also lowers the labor and production cost for you, as our team in China handles all the details needed for your baby products.

All-Around Services

Make Your Baby Product Sourcing Trouble-Free

As your reliable partner in baby product supply, we seek to provide complete service from development to shipment.


OEM/ODM Product Development

Supplying your market with unique and marketable baby products that reflect your brand is a key strategy in bringing your company to greater heights.


River Baby’s talented team of experts is ready to assist you in bringing your product designs to life or creating new products from scratch with fresh insights based on current market trends.


Efficient Supplier Management

With our efficient supply chain management system, we have access to the best and most affordable suppliers in the market.

Careful deliberation is conducted with potential factories to select the best and most affordable suppliers while maintaining long-term partnerships with industry-leading facilities throughout China.  


Production Management and Monitoring

Setting efficient manufacturing protocols and utilizing automated production lines, we effectively manage the production process to match your required product output.

Our 12,000 sq.m. production facility handles the majority of our manufacturing, while outsourcing additional tasks to our partner factories to complete your project on time.


QC and Testing to Improve Brand Loyalty

The quality of baby products speaks volumes of how high the standards of a brand are and relates to the satisfaction of parents.

Maintaining strict standards, our QC team goes through each product produced to ensure that they meet our parameters. Rely on our expertise in complete functional testing based on international standards to supply baby products to your market.


Customizable Brand Packaging


Effective packaging that shows your audience about your brand increases sales and leads your company to success.

Our expert designers help materialize your unique branding and marketing ideas for your baby products. We can also apply your existing packaging and branding, making them easier to identify with your market.


Hassle-Free Document Preparation

Shipping and customs paperwork can be a time-consuming and tricky situation, especially for budding businesses and first-time importers.

River Baby takes the hassle of international shipping by handling the necessary paperwork in-house, so you can focus on what you do best – marketing and making sales.

OEM/ODM Product Development

Supplier Management

Production Management

Quality Management / Testing

Custom Packaging

Document Preparation

We Know Quality Is What Parents and Your Business Care

Quality is our priority since that will lead to your increasing brand loyalty and repurchasing. Our expert QC team perform comprehensive quality management system to ensure that our baby products are free from defects and compliant with your market standards.

Why Choose River Baby

Backed by years of experience and world-class baby products, River Baby is set to fulfill your business goals.

Considerate Services

Understanding your needs, we do our best to meet your demands, from complete customization to scheduling a factory tour in China.

Cutting-Edge Marketing Analytics

Our team keeps abreast of the latest trends, ensuring we are on top of the market so we can provide you innovative support.

Reliable Expertise

With years of experience in the industry, we are up to date with international standards and market trends for the products you need.

Quality-Focused Baby Products

Continuous physical and chemical tests are conducted on the products and materials to ensure they are safe and reliable for babies.

Fast Time-to-Market

Get the best access to the finest materials, expert production, and efficient negotiations within a short timeframe as our team is based in China.

Cost-Saving Solution

With our integrated resources in the industry, we are positioned to get the most affordable offer for the complete OEM/ODM project.

Voices of Our Clients

Don’t take our word for it. Check out the testimony of our clients as proof of our excellence.

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