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River infant booster seats keep children safe and comfortable when riding in the car with their parents. River baby booster car seats are made with strong and durable straps to ensure that children are safe while driving. River baby car seats are comprised of non-toxic, long-lasting, and sturdy materials.


River Baby’s 12,000 square-foot facility has two fully automated production lines capable of producing up to 500 units each day, ensuring that production does not stop. We also feature workshops for production management, engineering, and warehousing management, all of which are essential for efficient manufacturing. Contact our team for a free quote today!





Wholesale Booster Car Seat from River Baby

As reliable booster car seat manufacturer, River Baby carriers are composed of non-toxic materials that keep kids safe even for lengthy periods of time. River Baby is distinguished by its meticulous attention to detail, which ensures that each product is flawless. We can also offer the most affordable booster car seat MOQ thanks to our efficient manufacturing and collaborative factory screening.

Highlights of Our Booster Car Seat

High Quality

River Baby designs booster car seats with magnetized straps and robust traps to provide the best possible protection for children.

User-Friendly Design

River Baby booster car seats are simple to install and can be attached to practically any car, SUV, pickup truck, or other vehicle, making it easier to reach a wide range of clients.

Safe Material

River Baby only employs EN/RoHS-certified high-grade materials to ensure the child's and the environment's safety, as safety is the most important factor with children.

International Certificates

River Baby's booster car seats are all built to international standards, allowing them to be exported to a wide range of lucrative countries.

Full-Size Standard

River Baby infant car seats are created exclusively for infants, with engineers taking into account an infant's natural body shape for maximum comfort and proper posture.

Ergonomic Seat

Our prams seats are designed to fit natural shape of babies in a healthy sitting.

Custom Booster Car Seat From Our OEM/ODM Project

River Baby can provide users with cost-effective bespoke baby product solutions, allowing businesses to quickly fulfill market demand. River Baby’s skilled engineers and speedy prototypes ensure a seamless commercial transaction.

Custom Your Design

During our consultations, provide River Baby with your preferences, and we'll design a unique booster car seat for your baby product line based on our years of experience. Our strong manufacturer partnerships and the ability of our in-house designers enable us to supply OEM/ODM baby goods that express your brand's breakthroughs. To ensure timely delivery, choose from a variety of designer baby products. Design ideas for booster car seats were carefully measured based on market data and trends.

Professional R&D teams

Using the company's extensive industry experience, River Baby's R&D team is dedicated to producing ergonomic baby products that promote children's safety and parents' convenience. Their fully functional lab and facility allow for ongoing research and development as well as the development of new infant products.

Full Solutions From Baby Car Seat Supplier

We keep only the most reliable factories in our network. In selecting the most trustworthy factories to partner with, we provide you with the best choices at the lowest costs.

Supplier Management

River Baby has built close connections with a number of suppliers over the years that have proven to be dependable in terms of quality and timeliness for raw materials and outsourced orders, ensuring that orders are delivered on time during peak season without sacrificing quality.
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Production Management

River Baby has a plant with 12,000 square meters of floor space, and the company's personnel oversees the outsourced manufacturing process. River Baby can handle large orders on time and keep users updated on the status of their projects.
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Strict Quality Management and Testing

River Baby's dedicated inspection team inspects each baby product for usefulness, durability, and safety throughout the process. The booster seats focus on quality helps you attract your target market.
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Custom Service

River Baby offers complete brand packaging services, including marketing strategy, product highlight features, label and logo design, and more. The team works with you to create a powerful brand image that will help you advertise your business.
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Document Preparation

River Baby's one-stop-shop services handle all of the minor details, such as document preparation. The straightforward approach helps you to skip busy customs inspections, allowing you to devote more time to critical tasks such as marketing.
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Approachable MOQ

We offer reasonable and approachable minimum order quantity (MOQ). Starting your own customized booster seats project is a lot easier than you might think. Contact us and get free booster seats quote now!
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