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Prams from River Baby are comfortable and user-friendly for babies and parents. The trendy designs of our safe and functionality prams coupled with custom options will help our clients have an economical and all-around baby pram solution for their wholesale business.


As one of the outstanding baby parm manufacturers and suppliers in China, we are capable of providing a quality pram range. Our pram items are widely appreciated and used among people who have infants and kids.

River Baby is the finest partner for OEM/ODM baby items that are tailored to your exact requirements, with a fully integrated supply chain that enables rapid sourcing and unsurpassed quality. Contact River Baby to get professional consultation and a free quote.





Wholesale Prams from River Baby

We understand that as a business, the primary things to consider in partnering with a manufacturer are the quality and price of the items.


River Baby has years of experience in the manufacturing of baby products and has a wide range of options available. This means that whether you are looking for a high-end pram or a simple pram option, you will be able to get the exact pram item you require here.

Highlights of Our Prams

Baby prams have various advantages which assist in providing a comfortable journey for babies. River Baby prams are some of the best items available on the market today, some of the highlights of our prams include but are not limited to:

High Quality

River Baby prams have been developed with the finest material available, and international certification guarantees that our products can enter anywhere hassle-free.

User-Friendly Design

Our prams are easy to use and comfortable with ergonomic seats.

Safe material

Our prams have been designed to be safe for babies. Each and every pram needs to be tested in order to check that it was produced safely and is safe for your baby to travel in.

International Certificates

From our QC labs to the product certification from third-party inspectors, we validate the high performance of our baby prams with the latest technology.

Full-Size Standard

Our prams are huge in size and suitable for infants to toddlers.

Ergonomic Seat

Our prams seats are designed to fit natural shape of babies in a healthy sitting.

Custom Baby Strollers From Our OEM/ODM Project

River Baby has extensive OEM/ODM services that make it easy for you to fulfill customer requirements. Our custom options include fabric and colors that make sure to meet your market demand.

Custom Your Design

When you work with us on a custom strollers project, we will follow your baby stroller design to the letter.
We have a wide range of styles of prams that you can use as a template to develop your own custom stroller.
custom options: fabric material, color supply logo/ label/ packaging design service for customers

Professional R&D teams

River Baby has a professional R&D team that is capable of handling your custom prams project and will make sure that they design a custom stroller that meets all of your requirements.

If you are interested in starting a custom strollers project, simply contact us and let us know what your requirements are. We can then provide a quote for your custom strollers project and get started on your custom strollers project today.

Full Solutions From Custom Baby Prams Supplier

We keep only the most reliable factories in our network. In selecting the most trustworthy factories to partner with, we provide you with the best choices at the lowest costs.

Supplier Management

When it comes to raw materials and outsourced orders, we've created an excellent relationship with a number of pram suppliers who are consistent in terms of quality and punctuality. During peak season, we promise that your purchases will be completed on time and without sacrificing quality.
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Production Management

We have our own 12,000 square meter plant, and our workforce controls manufacturing at outsourced manufacturers. River Baby can meet huge volume orders on schedule while keeping you updated on the status of your project.
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Strict Quality Management and Testing

Throughout the process, our expert inspection team examines each baby product for usefulness, durability, and safety using our established QC approach. Our dedication to quality ensures that our newborn product will help you attract your target market.
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Custom Service

We offer complete brand custom packaging solutions, which include marketing strategy, product feature highlights, label and logo design, and more. Our team works with you to create a powerful brand image that will complement your marketing efforts.
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Document Preparation

Through our one-stop-shop services, we handle all of the minor details along the way, such as document preparation. Our simple solution helps you to skip busy customs inspections, allowing you to focus on more important tasks such as marketing.

Our marketing support, backed by years of experience in baby prams and pushchairs, helps you maximize your brand campaign.
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Approachable MOQ

We are big manufacturers in China, so our minimum order quantity (MOQ) is reasonable and approachable. Starting your own customized baby prams project is a lot easier than you might think.
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