Supplier Management

Feeling Restless When You Have Supply-Side Issues?

For our valued clients outside China, we have a process of managing the supply of quality baby products, ensuring a hassle-free supply chain management solution.

Guarantee Above Industry-Grade Quality

Every step of the process has thorough testing and inspection to prevent any manufacturing defects and reduce any maintenance costs.

Improve Supply Efficiency

We efficiently select the most suitable factory to produce any OEM/ODM baby products you need to meet schedules and quality standards.

Negotiate a Better Price

We negotiate with cooperated factories and select a better price through a comparison to ensure you can minimize your expenses.

Much Gained from Saved Labor Cost

From a quick and trusted supply chain to our thorough process, we handle all production in China and within our facilities, reducing costs on your end.

A Dynamic Auditing and Evaluation Process for Suppliers

New suppliers go through a dynamic evaluation process, where we consider whether they can meet our strict requirements of the process, quality, and productivity.


Even after selecting suppliers, we will continue the auditing process as we keep only the most reliable factories in our network. In selecting the most trustworthy factories to partner with, we provide you with the best choices at the lowest costs.


Strong Consolidation of a Complete Supply Network

Our experience in this industry allows us to understand the whole supply chain of baby products. We conduct a supply chain integration, from raw material, components, to manufacturing, QC, and shipment.


With our database, we can source the most suitable products and components at a better price range suited to your budget and deliver within schedule. A wider selection is opened to you, where you can find the most applicable to your market and brand message.

Flexible Negotiation to Maximize Your Profits

Negotiating for more suitable prices is possible through our strong network supplying us with quality materials and productive manufacturing solutions.


With over 50 factories that provide the most affordable baby products in the market, we will help you select the right supplier with the best offers. Through our process, you can get your order at a lower price and have it shipped within schedule.

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