Production Management


We Assure Faster Production and Consistent Quality

Every aspect of production is handled under our supervision for uniform quality.


For foreign clients, you can avail of our comprehensive production management service, allowing you to monitor our operations and get updates on our progress.


As you can communicate with our team on our status, we can prevent manufacturing defects while meeting our deadlines and reducing labor costs all at once.

Robust and Flexible Production Scheduling

We take into account the demand of your market and our distance to devise a specific schedule convenient

for your business.

Manufacturing in Our Own Factory

Handling every step of manufacturing in our factories allows us to efficiently use our resources to create high-performance baby products at affordable prices.

In ensuring consistency in our production, we have workshops and production lines for assembly and completion within the factory area. A certified testing center conducts thorough inspections in every step while meeting your schedule.

Supervising in Cooperated Factories

To oversee wide-scale production and a steady supply of designer baby products, we make consistent documentation of the whole process for you to see.

We provide quality photos, videos, and detailed reports on the progress of the production in our cooperated factories. To further our trust, we compile our reports for you to look at.

- Whatever Baby Products You Need

We Manage All the Production Processes

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