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OEM/ODM Services by Your Side

With our cooperation from strong factories and the talent of our in-house designers, we can provide OEM/ODM baby products that express your brand’s breakthroughs.

Bring Your OEM Designs to Life

Discuss with our designers and engineers how we bring your ideas to reality. Learning from years of industry wisdom, our team is flexible in personalizing your designs while using the latest designing technology.

From fabrics to dimensions and functions, we cover every aspect of our baby products to see how they express your brand’s commitment to quality.

Start from Our ODM Designs

Provide your preferences through our consultations and we will create a private design for your baby product brand formed from years of industry wisdom.

Select from our wide array of designer baby products so that we can quickly deliver within your schedule. Our design ideas for baby products have been measured accurately based on market feedback and trends.

Our Engineering Experts

With our extensive expertise in the industry, our engineering team is dedicated to creating ergonomic baby products that maximize children’s safety and parents’ convenience.


As our engineers have been studying professional product development knowledge and being enthusiastic about baby products, our production creation remains consistent in quality and makes sure to meet your market demands.


Garnering Greater Market Demand

We care for the safety of children everywhere. Through consolidated feedback from thousands of parents, we identify the most necessary features to be integrated into all of our designs.


Learning from inspiring exhibitions and peers in the industry, we craft ergonomic baby products that express your brand’s ability to deliver comfort and security.

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