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River baby infant car seats give babies a safe and comfortable ride in their parents’ vehicles. River baby infant car seats are constructed with robust and durable straps to provide youngsters the best possible protection while driving. River baby car seats are made of durable and non-toxic materials that make them lightweight, easy to clean, and long-lasting. 


As one of the outstanding baby infant car seat supplier, River Baby has years of exprience and strong manufacturing capability, we also provide custom baby infant car seat service. River Baby is the reliable partner for OEM/ODM baby products that fullfill your market reruiements.  





Market-Oriented Infant Car Seats

Wholesale Infant Carriers from River Baby

River baby is the best infant car seat manufacturer, the carriers are made with materials that are not harmful to babies so babies are safe within the carrier even for long hours. What makes River Baby stand out from others is its keen eye for details which makes every product perfect. Thanks to the streamlined production and collaborative factory screening, River Baby can also offer the most competitive car seat prices and reasonable MOQ.

Highlights of Our Infant Car Seat

River Baby infant carrier car seats are the best in class product providing the users with utmost comfort as well as high safety.

High Quality

River Baby offers the best quality on the market, designing baby car seats with magnetized harnesses and sturdy traps to provide the best possible protection to children.

User-Friendly Design

River Baby infant carrier seats are very easy to use and can be attached to nearly any type of car, SUV, pickup truck, and other vehicles which helps in reaching a variety of customers.

Safe material

River Baby only uses high-grade materials that are EN/RoHS certified to assure the safety of the newborn and the surroundings, as safety is the most crucial factor with babies.

International Certificates

Each of River Baby's newborn car seats is built to international standards, allowing them to be exported to a variety of lucrative markets.

Full-Size Standard

River Baby infant car seats are created exclusively for infants, with engineers taking into account an infant's natural body shape for maximum comfort and proper posture.

Ergonomic Seat

Our prams seats are designed to fit natural shape of babies in a healthy sitting.

Custom Infant Seats From Our OEM/ODM Project

When the market calls for unique baby products, River Baby can quickly and affordably provide those needs. River Baby’s experienced engineers and rapid prototyping enable a smooth business process.

Custom Your Design

Provide River Baby with your choices during our consultations, and we'll create a custom infant car seat for your baby product brand based on years of industry experience. We can supply OEM/ODM baby items that express your brand's breakthroughs because of our excellent factory partnerships and the ability of our in-house designers. Choose from a wide range of designer baby goods to ensure prompt delivery. Based on market input and trends, design ideas for infant car seats have been carefully measured.

Professional R&D teams

River Baby's R&D team is dedicated to designing ergonomic baby goods that enhance children's safety and parents' convenience, drawing on the company's considerable industry experience. Because the members of the R&D team have studied professional product development expertise and are passionate about baby products, the product creation is of constant quality and meets market needs.

Full Solutions From Custom Baby Prams Supplier

We keep only the most reliable factories in our network. In selecting the most trustworthy factories to partner with, we provide you with the best choices at the lowest costs.

Supplier Management

River Baby has developed good relationships with a number of suppliers throughout time who are reliable with quality and timeliness for raw materials and outsourced orders, ensuring that orders are fulfilled on time during peak season without sacrificing quality.
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Production Management

River Baby has a plant with 12,000 square meters of floor space, and the team monitors the manufacturing process with outsourced companies. River Baby can meet huge volumes of orders on schedule and keep users informed about their project's progress.
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Strict Quality Management and Testing

Throughout the process, River Baby's dedicated inspection team uses a QC method to examine each baby product for usefulness, durability, and safety. We emphasis on quality ensures that the infant car seat assists you in attracting your target market.
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Custom Service

River Baby provides full brand packaging services, including marketing strategy, product feature highlights, label and logo design, and more. The team collaborates with you to develop a strong brand image to support your marketing effort.
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Document Preparation

River Baby's one-stop-shop services take care of all the small aspects along the road, such as paperwork preparation. The simple procedure allows you to avoid crowded customs checkpoints, giving you more time to focus on important duties like marketing.
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Approachable MOQ

We offer reasonable and approachable minimum order quantity (MOQ). Starting your own customized infant car seats project is a lot easier than you might think. Contact us and get free infant car seats quote now!
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