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Lightweight strollers are safe to use since they contain a padded seat, a safety harness, and rubberized wheels. They have a high weight capacity, making them appropriate for babies from six weeks to forty pounds. Lightweight strollers are an excellent choice for traveling with children. They are small and easy to transport.


Lightweight strollers from River Baby perform the same functions as regular strollers but are much smaller. They have a reclining seat, handle adjustment, a large storage basket, a canopy, and many more features.


River Baby assures you of a safe and smooth ride with our kid’s strollers. We use the finest materials and take great care in its production. We guarantee you a high-quality stroller that will last you a long time.





Wholesale Lightweight Pushchair from River Baby

Our lightweight pushchairs are safe and comfortable and are specifically designed for baby’s comfort. We are sure to exceed your expectations and will help you a lot. We will ensure that you are satisfied with your purchase.

River Baby offers a huge range of lightweight strollers for your new baby and toddler. We are dedicated to providing you with the best lightweight strollers at a wholesale lightweight stroller price.

Highlights of Our Lightweight Compact Strollers

Our compact strollers are ideal for parents who want to be able to move around with ease. Their lightweight design makes them convenient to carry, and they are made from the highest-quality materials. The hallmarks of our company are comfort, durability, and style. Our lightweight compact strollers contain, but are not limited to, the following features:

Ergonomic Seat

They are very light, but they have a comfortable seat for child. Equipped wtih movable footrest, the River Baby light strollers makes more comfortable feeling for child.

Lightweight Compact Frame

Folding and unfolding our lightweight strollers is a breeze. They're also built to last, with a strong design that ensures years of use.

High-Quality Construction

They are constructed using materials free of hazardous chemicals. We check to make sure they're safe before releasing them to the public.

Premium Soft-Touch Foam

Our lightweight strollers have the highest-quality UV-resistant foam and fabric, with a soft touch to ensure baby's comfort and safety.

Custom Lightweight Strollers From Our OEM/ODM Project

River Baby specializes in OEM/ODM services and projects. We constantly welcome long-term business ties with reliable clients. We are an experienced manufacturer and supplier of light strollers, and we are committed to providing clients with the best quality products.

Custom Your Design

Our highly trained and creative product designers interact directly with customers to understand their projects and meet their demands, we are proud of our great research and development teams. To ensure the success of our client's initiatives, we provide professional guidance and technical help in addition to product solutions.

Professional R&D team

We also benefit from our excellent team of experienced engineers and production planners, who have been in the field for a long time. The combination of their expertise and the resources of this new generation of technology has enabled us to enjoy a leading position in the industry.
The design drawing, material, size, color, and branding may be tailored to the customer's specific requirements for light stroller and umbrella stroller. Manufacturing costs may be reduced by using custom lightweight strollers.

Full Solutions From Lightweight Umbrella Stroller Manufacturer

River Baby is ready to help you with your project by developing and manufacturing lightweight strollers. Our assistance can help you complete your project on time and within budget. We have several solutions to help you succeed.

Supplier Management

Our excellent supplier management and supply chain control management can help our clients to obtain a quick and accurate delivery of quality products.
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Production Management

Every aspect of production is handled under our supervision for uniform quality.
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Strict Quality Management and Testing

We have a well-trained and professional (Quality Control) quality management team. They are trained to manage the processes of material procurement, finished product inspection, etc.
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Custom Service

We do not only provide you with a high-quality and advanced lightweight pushchair but also offer you custom packaging and support.
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Document Preparation

We will prepare the complete documents, such as bill of material, purchase order, production schedule, etc., according to your market requirements.
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Approachable MOQ

We can meet most customers' MOQ requirements, and work with you to make your products unique.
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