How We Work


Understanding Your Needs

From the first contact, our design team discusses with you to fully understand your plans for the baby product project, along with your target market and materials of choice.


We also provide our expert opinions throughout the consultation process based on market trends and experience, intending to improve your project ideas.


Finalizing Your Design

From the consultation process, our design team then translates the information retrieved into functional and marketable baby products.


The baby products are carefully designed to showcase your ideas and brand, as well as to highlight the modifications or features you requested.


The design is then forwarded to you for confirmation and approval.


Comprehensive Quote

Once the finalized design is completed, we send out a complete quote for the project, showing the costs for materials, production, and other charges related to the project.


Through our integrated supply chain, we can provide 2-3 competitive quotations, giving you the ability to select the best option to match your goals.


After your review and approval of the quote, the project then moves to the production phase.  


Sample Confirmation

A mock-up of the finalized design is produced by our team to test and inspect the actual functionality of the baby product. The completed sample is sent to you for your review and to verify if the baby product is up to your satisfaction.


When up to your standards, we will transition into full-swing production.


Manufacturing and Quality Control

Working with automated production lines and established standards, our reliable manufacturing process gets your baby product project completed within the timeframe.


Professional quality control inspections are done throughout the production and before packaging, ensuring that our high-quality standards are maintained from start to finish.


On-Time Logistics

We take care of logistics, from customs paperwork to international shipping, and work with our partner logistics companies to get your baby products delivered on-time and safely.


We provide tracking details, along with all pertinent information about the shipment, to allow you full access to the shipment and view delivery timeframes.


Reliable After-Sales Service

Our partnership does not end at order completion, as our service team is always available to provide comprehensive after-sales support.


Our team responds to inquiries within 12 hours of the request, which includes service and comprehensive support that adds value to your baby products. Our products are also covered with a warranty period of up to 3 years.

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