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Incorporating comfort and usability for both parents and their children makes our baby strollers highly in demand among various markets. We designed our baby strollers with a lightweight and compact design as well as detachable seats and a weatherproof ceiling for better usability. The comfortable sitter keeps the infant happy and safe with its padded cushion, ergonomic design, and anti-vibration wheels.


River Baby is the benchmark for baby stroller manufacturers with our integrated supply chain.

We have our factory to produce our baby products and cooperate with different manufacturers to handle other product needs.


With our strict raw material screening and robust production lines, River Baby can achieve a production output of 500 units among each production line per day. Receive a free quote from our sales team today!





Market-Oriented Baby Strollers

Quality Baby Strollers From River Baby

Jogging Stroller

Ideal for jogging and walking, with three inflatable wheels that are shock absorbers, front-wheel fixed for over a year old baby. They have a sturdy and durable frame. It can handle tough terrain and go everywhere.

Pram and Pushchair

Also called a full-size stroller, it is large and can be used by infants to toddlers. It has a generally collapsible frame and is light. It is easy to store and carry. It also has a comfortable mattress and a canopy.

Light-weight Stroller

Also called an umbrella stroller, it typically takes up a smaller amount of space than other strollers. It is similar to full-size but lighter, easier to use, and simpler to function.

Double/ Triple Stroller

They are also known as twin or side by side strollers and can accommodate two to three kids; and are heavier and more robust than standard strollers. They are designed with a multi-position reclining backrest for maximum comfort.

Travel System

A full-size, self-contained stroller with a detachable seat and canopy that converts to a lightweight car seat carrier with a secure, click-in attachment through the child tray.

Wholesale Baby Strollers from River Baby

As a professional baby stroller manufacturer, River Baby will elevate your brand to the next level. At River Baby, we have a diverse range of wholesale baby strollers to cater to the various needs of our B2B clients. We offer a wide range of high-quality strollers for your wholesale business with a reasonable price.  We have streamlined production processes to ensure you receive a consistent supply at all times. Our wholesale prices are also friendly and allow you to earn rewarding profit margins.

Our experts and production factories are fully capable of executing their design ideas. You can also rely on us for services such as custom packaging, production management, document preparation and other marketing support.

High-Grade Strollers Satisfying Market Demands

Standing out in your target market comes down to offering potential customers strollers that improve their quality of life.

Applicable to Various Cases

We can provide baby strollers for city use, traveling, twin, abroad, and travel applications, letting you broaden your target audience.

Safe Materials

We make baby strollers with materials that are free of any harmful ingredients for both the infant and the environment.

Complete International Certificates

Each stroller is complying with international standards based on quality and safety, allowing for export across lucrative markets around the globe.

Superior Quality

Our experienced inspection team goes through strollers with our strict QC system, ensuring your buggy orders are in excellent condition.

User-Friendly Design

Average users can easily fold our strollers or take advantage of their many functions thanks to our engineers' focus on usability.

Ergonomic Seat

We incorporated the natural shape of an infant onto our baby buggy, resulting in a comfortable and healthy sitting.

Custom Baby Strollers From Our OEM/ODM Project

We set the bar for commercial stroller producers. Along with the greatest baby strollers, we also provide OEM and ODM services. We provide custom packaging with a variety of hues and may mix and match colors that would fit your needs.

Custom Your Design

You don't have to settle for what a stroller offers in stock. We welcome any style or fabric material that would satisfy your needs. Our OEM/ODM skilled craftsmen are here to work with you to help you make your custom-designed stroller.

Professional R&D teams

Our competent and creative product designers work directly with customers to understand their projects and requirements. We have advanced quality control systems and control each unit with demanding standards to ensure that every unit that comes out of the production line is safe and reliable.

Our One-Stop Solution For Your Baby Stroller Business

River Baby is committed to delivering hassle-free, leading to your easy and successful baby stroller sourcing in China.

OEM/ODM Product Development

River Baby is capable of providing you with efficient custom baby product solutions that will help you tap into rising market demands within a short time. We have experienced engineers and fast prototyping to make the process smooth for your business.
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Supplier Management

We have formed a strong partnership with numerous suppliers who are consistent with quality and punctuality for raw materials and outsourced orders. We guarantee your orders are completed on time during peak season without compromising on quality.
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Production Management

We have our factory with 12,000 square meters of working space while our team follows up on the production process with outsourced factories. River Baby can fulfill large volume orders on-time and keep you updated on the progress of your project.
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Quality Management / Testing

Our team provides testing services to ensure our baby product helps you bring in your target consumers on the market since baby strollers require a strong emphasis on safety. In line with EN, AS/NZS, ASTM, and CCC, our inspection team will test each baby stroller and pram for functionality, last ability, and safety throughout the process.
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Custom Packaging

We offer full brand packaging services where we provide consultation on marketing strategies, product feature highlights, label and logo design. Our team works with you in creating a powerful brand image to bolster your market campaign.
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Document Preparation

Through our one-stop-shop services, we handle all of the minor details along the way such as document preparation. Our convenient process helps you get out of busy customs clearers so you have more time to focus on major tasks such as marketing.
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Sourcing Baby Products
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