Best Strollers in UK: List of Top 5 Pram Manufacturers

A good baby stroller is all you need to make your daily life easy with a baby. That said, prams offer the utmost convenience. From a park to a mall, the baby stroller will help you take your baby along everywhere without having to carry them in your arms all day long.

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The best stroller gives your baby the best place to sleep or sit, but it also serves as a storage stash of all essentials required when you take your baby out. You should be able to easily store diapers, wipes, an extra pacifier, and a change of clothes for your baby.  Make sure to buy one from the best stroller manufacturer.


With several similar options available in the market, picking the best baby stroller becomes a bit difficult. For some parents, a basic model for occasional use is highly suitable, whereas, for others, one with more advanced features is worth the investment for British stroller UK


To make a choice easy for our readers, today, we list some of the best British stroller brands so that they can have an idea of the best pieces available in the market.

Top Baby Stroller Manufacturers in The UK

Baby Style

Baby Style Logo

Types of Business: Supplier of Baby Strollers. 

Location: Leicestershire, UK

Year Founded: 1999


Born in Britain and still family owned, Babystyle work tirelessly with the very best designers and manufacturers across the globe, to bring the both innovative and contemporary designs, along with some more traditional and classical looking designs. Consumers consider Baby Style Egg & Oyster pram series to be the best, and because of their affordable rates, more and more people can afford the same. It is currently the top favorite of people in Britain, and consumers are after buying baby prams from this brand only. 

With cutting-edge design, the company suplies top-quality strollers and offers great value for money spent. With the young hip crowd, baby british stroller brands from Oyster & Egg series are trendy.

Silver Cross

Silver Cross Logo

Types of Business: Supplier of Baby Strollers. 

Location: UK

Year Founded: 1877


Silver Cross is another major company producing baby buggies and strollers for parents to transport their kids. It is a leading baby stroller manufacturer company. The baby prams in the UK that this brand offers will enable you to push your kid safely and smoothly over the bumpy terrain and high city curbs. It is light in weight for maximum ease of storage and transportation. The best part about their strollers is that they can be used right from the hospital until your child starts going to school. 

Silver Cross continued to manufacture classic coach prams, but new designs were launched to meet the changing demands of modern families. Silver Cross was now a household name, loved and trusted by parents around the globe.

Mamas and Papas

Mamas and Papas Logo
Source: Mamas and Papas

Types of Business: Supplier and Manufacturer of Baby Products. 

Location: UK

Year Founded: 2013


Just a few years ago, the company started its British baby stroller line of products, and because of the quality of the product offered at a much cheaper rate, the brand became very famous within a few days. It is a leading pram supplier. Though it is an international brand, the business is still family-run in the UK. The brand is now selling different baby products and strollers in the market. 

In Britain, you will find several british stroller brand stores since it is quite a popular one in the baby product industry. Mamas and Papas has several fans, including celebrities as well. These strollers are the best options for newborn babies.



Types of Business: Manufacturer and Supplier of Baby Prams. 

Location: Amsterdam, UK 

Year Founded: 2014



Joolz was created on the streets of Amsterdam in 2004. Joolz was born around their “positive design” motto. With this motto in mind Joolz build award-winning, ergonomic, comfortable and stylish pushchairs, car seats and accessories that contribute to a vibrant lifestyle. Offering extendable handles and foot rests, making it perfect for parents and children of all sizes, plus a cot big enough for overnight sleeping, their pushchairs are celebrated for being both chic and user-friendly. It’s why they have been rated as highly commended in our Junior Design Awards.

The Best Chinese Alternative: River Baby

River Baby Logo
Source: River Baby

Type of Business: Manufacturer of Baby and Maternity Products 

Location (Headquarters): Dongsheng Town,Zhongshan


River Baby produces high quality strollers. River Baby is the finest partner for OEM/ODM baby strollers that are tailored to your requirements, with a fully integrated supply chain that enables rapid sourcing and unsurpassed quality.


To efficiently and sustainably satisfy your OEM/ODM demands, they adhere to stringent quality and productivity standards, not just to save costs but also to guarantee the clients get high-quality baby items. 

Whether you want a big amount of wholesale baby items such as wholesale baby walker, wholesale high chair or custom baby car seat, their integrated supply chain system guarantees that you get the products you require. Strollers, High-chairs, Bouncers etc. are some of their main products. OEM/ODM Product Development, Supplier Management, Production Management are some of their main services.

Factors To Consider When Buying Baby Stroller

Consider the Roads: This may sound like a vague tip to you, but you should consider the roads of your locality or where you need to travel quite often. You will be taking your baby to those places when required, and so you need to make a choice that would be the best. Pick the best baby prams UK for your baby that can provide a smooth ride even on rough roads. You can also buy the best baby playpen.


Duration Of Stroller Using: Consider how long you will be using the stroller. Will you plan a second baby, or is there someone in your connections who will have a baby in the future? If you have twins, you can consider buying a twin pushchair. Considering such factors, you can decide the best choice for your needs. This way, you will not have to replace or buy a new stroller again and again. Look for the best baby product supplier.

Ease of Folding and Unfolding: You should choose a stroller that can be folded easily and can be unfolded back as well. At times, one-hand folds are not as easy as they sound. Hence, it would help if you made a definite choice by scrutinizing the product. If you take your baby jogging with you, you can consider buying a wholesale jogging stroller.


Your search for a baby compact stroller in the UK will not be easy. With several available options, the choice of a baby stroller becomes difficult. However, you can decide better by considering a few factors and shortlisting some of the best British baby prams companies. If you have any more queries, contact us today!

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