Jogging Stroller Vs Regular: 2022 Comparison Guide

Are you finding which one is better between jogging and a regular stroller? Find out through this post.

Jogging Stroller vs. Regular

Strollers are a parent’s best friend. From the first stroll around the neighborhood in the jogging stroller to carting around at Disney World in the everyday stroller, we rely on these lightweight items day in and day out. But, there are two kinds of strollers available to you: jogging strollers and regular strollers. All strollers can be beneficial to your family . . . if you choose wisely. Here is your complete guide to help make the best decision when it comes to your family, budget, and lifestyle!


The debate on which is the best stroller – a jogging stroller or a regular stroller — has been going on for a while, with each side holding onto their arguments. So this post will be an unbiased look at which is a better option, to help you make your buying decision.

What is a Jogging Stroller?

Jogging Stroller1

A jogging stroller is an everyday stroller used for parents who wish their children to be able to wear comfortable clothing suitable for exercise, move on any terrain, or even off-road in many cases, and still be able to accommodate the child inside of it comfortably. With that, it’s better also to look for a baby stroller supplier  that will guarantee a good quality. 


In fact, these jogging strollers are basically regular strollers with a few modifications that allow you to use them for jogging. The idea behind using these strollers is just the same as using a baby jogger — to get your kids moving by taking them out for a stroll.

Benefits Of Jogging Stroller

Jogging strollers have many benefits. It is a great way to stay fit. After one has had a child, one might find it hard to go out and exercise. The reason is that they have children to take care of and they cannot leave their children at home alone. If you have a jogging stroller, you can take your child with you when you go out for jogging or running.


Most jogging strollers can be converted from a single seat to a double seat, making it ideal for parents who want to use the same stroller for both their children. This is important because it means that you don’t have to buy another double stroller when you want to take both your children out together. If you have a young child and an infant, you can use it as a single until your child is old enough to ride along with his or her sibling.


Jogging strollers usually come with three wheels but most offer suspension on two of the wheels, making them suitable for rough surfaces and uneven terrains such as dirt trails and sidewalks. A suspension system ensures that your baby will remain safe even when traveling over obstacles such as rocks, bumps, or potholes.

Spending Quality Time With Your Kids

If you choose to run with your kid in a jogging stroller, you will have the opportunity to spend precious time with him or her alone. It will help strengthen the link between you and your child.

Possibility To Take Care Of Your Body

You probably don’t have enough time to go to the gym when you have a baby. However, once you have a jogging stroller, this will no longer be an issue. And, choosing a baby product supplier from a reliable company might also be taken into consideration.


Take your youngster out in the stroller and jog with him or her for a while. Within a month, you’ll notice that your arms have become toned. Pushing the stroller demands a lot of work, which also strengthens your muscles.

Additional Storage Capacity

One of the biggest benefits of jogging with a jogging stroller is that you have a convenient spot to put your belongings. When you run alone, you can only bring the bare minimum of equipment.


However, if you run with a stroller, you may bring additional items with you. It is now more convenient to pop into a location to do anything since you have the means to freshen up at any moment.

Extra Workout

With a newborn in the house for a few months, no one has time to exercise. It’s impossible to fit exercise into one’s schedule. As a result, you can put the time you spend outside with your infant to good use. Instead of standing at the playground, run about and burn those extra calories.

Disadvantages of Jogging Stroller

One of the finest features of a jogging stroller is that it gives youngsters the independence that many parents desire for their children. However, there are certain drawbacks to using a jogging stroller.

The Constancy

One of the main drawbacks of a jogging stroller is its lack of stability and maneuverability. This is significant because strollers that provide a smooth ride and are relatively light are frequently more stable. This isn’t always the case, since it largely varies on the vehicle and the amount of suspension used. It’s worth noting that many parents have reported incidents involving strollers that were either unstable or didn’t fulfill certain safety standards.

Tight Turns

If you plan on taking your jogging stroller in crowded places like a mall or market, it may be next to impossible due to tight corners and narrow isles. You may need to navigate around people and other objects, making maneuvering a jogging stroller very difficult in these situations.

Lack of Flexibility

One of the largest disadvantages of a jogging stroller might be the actual lack of flexibility in the design of the stroller’s frame. Most of these designs are limited in terms of how many levels there are available. If you are someone who enjoys running or walking then you may find this limiting.

Jogging stroller vs Regular Stroller

Weight Bulkier, generally weighing more than 23 lbs. There are several varieties
Age Limit 6 to 8 months three months old
Wheels There are three wheels, with the front wheel being either unlocked or fixed. Four smaller wheels are usually used.
Front Wheel Lock Front wheel has a lock mechanism for jogging and running Front wheels do not lock
Brake A foot brake, a wrist strap, or even a hand brake are all options. Normally, just the foot brake is used.
Handlebar Adjustable in most cases Often adjustable
Seat Doesn't completely recline Fully reclines

Is A Jogging Stroller Worth Buying?

Jogging Stroller 1

Running strollers are well worth the money if you’re a regular runner. Large air-filled tires and additional suspension allow you to work out on a variety of terrain. You can run comfortably even on uphill terrain if you choose a model with a handbrake. The best jogging strollers include all of the necessary characteristics, so you can use them even if you aren’t a runner. When you want a wholesale jogging stroller for cost-effectiveness, then you should consider buying from a reliable source. 


You can run with a standard stroller, but the experience isn’t great, and you risk breaking it. When running on a rough surface, they are more difficult to navigate and less steady than joggers. Your stroller’s swiveling wheels may fail, or it may suddenly shift direction.


If you’re a parent who likes to run, one of the most convenient ways to get your miles in is with a jogging stroller. Jogging strollers are safe and stable, and many have features that make them more convenient than traditional strollers. They can even provide a workout for your kids.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Jogging Stroller

If you’re planning to buy a jogging stroller, below are the things you need to consider.


First, let’s talk about the wheels of your jogging stroller. Unlike regular strollers that have four wheels, jogging strollers only have three wheels. Typically, they measure between 12 and 24 inches—they are much larger than the wheels on a regular stroller just like a double pram.


The larger wheel size is designed to let you easily push the stroller over rough, hard surfaces. You will probably be jogging around your neighborhood or to the park, so the large wheels will help you go over surfaces like gravel, dirt, concrete, and grass.


It’s crucial to pay attention to the front wheel of your jogging stroller. Fixed and swivel wheels are the two types of front wheels. The way you utilize your jogging stroller is determined by the front wheel.


A fixed wheel resembles a bicycle's rear wheel. It's stuck in one place and can't move. When you're not running on a level area, it easily goes over things. Fixed-wheel jogging strollers are designed for parents who are serious about jogging and running. It's a requirement if you're going to run long distances or compete in public races such as 5Ks or marathons.


Swivel wheels are a more relaxed option. It's comparable to a bicycle's front wheel in that it can turn left and right. It makes steering your jogging stroller easier, but it also means you can't go too quickly. If you hit a bump or a rough surface, the wheel will easily spin, and you'll have to pull it back to maintain it straight.


When buying a jogging stroller, the thread and width of the tires are also important factors to consider. There are two types of tired: bumpy and smooth. When walking on a rough or slippery surface, the bumpy texture gives superior traction. The smooth smoothness will make maneuvering your jogging stroller in congested situations much easier.


Off-road, the width of the tire rubber will decide how simple it is to drive the stroller. On a firm sidewalk, wide, fat tires will flatten down, but they will easily navigate uneven terrain.


To summarize, acquiring a stroller with fat tires is an excellent option if you plan on taking your jogging stroller off-road. If you want to use your jogging stroller mostly on firm, flat ground, narrower tires are preferable. It all depends on where you plan on running or jogging.

Spokes and Rims

Inside the tires are the rim and spokes. They retain the wheel’s circular form while sustaining the full jogging stroller’s weight. Metal and plastic are the most common materials.


Metal rims have the appearance of bicycle rims. Metal spokes may not make the wheel structure appear as elegant as some of the plastic designs, but they are far more practical and will provide your infant a more comfortable ride. Stainless steel spokes are a wonderful choice since they will not corrode even when wet.


Care tires have comparable plastic rims and spokes. They are not only more attractive than metal varieties, but they are also a lot lighter. The main disadvantage is that plastic is not as long-lasting as metal and is prone to fading. Plastic rims and spokes are readily damaged by scratches and other blemishes. Plastic wheels, on the other hand, are likely to suffice for leisurely jogging or strolling.


A coiled spring may be found behind each tire on your jogging stroller. This is a shock absorber that is part of the suspension system on your stroller.


Shock absorbers allow the stroller’s wheel to bounce up and down without the remainder of the stroller, including your kid, bouncing in lockstep. Adjustable shocks are available on certain jogging strollers, allowing you to customize the amount of bounce.


Shock absorbers are normally found on both rear tires, although some strollers also include one on the front tire. If you’re using a double jogging stroller, you’ll just need a shock absorber on the front wheel.


Some of the less expensive jogging stroller models have no suspension at all. This means your kid will have a bumpy journey, therefore invest in a stroller with a strong suspension system.


For jogging strollers, there are two types of brakes. One will assist you in slowing down, while the other will prevent your stroller from rolling away if your hands are taken off it. Because the brakes are the most important safety component of a jogging stroller, make sure you purchase one with them.


Foot brakes are included on most jogging strollers, allowing you to disengage the wheels without having to lean down. On a jogging stroller, it is unquestionably a must-have feature.


When jogging on slopes, a handbrake will give you entire control. It’s normally linked to the handlebar, and all you have to do to slow the stroller down is squeeze it. Hand brakes, on the other hand, are exclusively present on strollers with fixed wheels.


The good news is that most jogging strollers have parking brakes. So, if you need to catch your breath or get a drink while running, you may use the parking brake to prevent the stroller from moving away. This is the most secure situation for both you and your child.


Adjustable and non-adjustable handlebars are available. Adjustable handlebars are ideal if you’re sharing the stroller with someone else or if you’re significantly taller or shorter than typical.


Because incorrectly adjusted handlebar height might influence your jogging form, purchasing a jogging stroller with adjustable handlebar height is a great option.


The only disadvantage of obtaining adjustable handlebars is that there will always be some up and down movement, which you may find irritating. The benefits of adjustable handlebars much outweigh the disadvantages.


The seat of a jogging stroller is designed for your baby’s comfort during the travel system period. . During long runs and jogs, you’ll want chairs that will keep your infant pleased.


Purchase soft, machine-washable seat cushioning. Padding varies by manufacturer, but it’ll almost certainly be washable. For exceptionally rocky jogs, some jogging strollers incorporate a safety harness fastened to the seat. This is a must—it will keep your baby’s top and lower bodies secure.


It’s a good idea to invest in a reclining seat since it will lessen the impact of bumps on your baby’s body. Some jogging strollers come with adjustable seating and reclining positions.


Because jogging strollers are substantially bigger than ordinary strollers, they do not fold up compactly. Your jogging stroller can fold in one of two ways: with a folding mechanism or with compact folding.


A best umbrella stroller is quite convenient to use. Simply remove your child from the seat and locate the button or lever on the stroller's side. The stroller will fold up automatically if you push it. This means you can fold your stroller with just one hand, which is a significant benefit. The sole drawback is the bulkiness of a folding mechanism. But this isn't a major issue.


Compact folding necessitates the use of both hands, although the fold is far smaller than that of a folding machine. To achieve compact folding, take your jogging stroller's wheels off and fold the frame down. It just takes a few minutes, but it's worth it because the stroller wheels can be stored independently from the frame. If you have a tiny automobile or don't have a lot of storage space in your house, this is ideal.


When you leave the house with your infant, you’ll be bringing a lot of other things with you. The list continues on and on: diapers, baby wipes, meals, bottles, and so on. It will be much easier to bring everything with you if your jogging stroller has storage compartments.


Under the seat of most jogging strollers are storage baskets. During a rocky jog, they usually feature high mesh sides to keep your valuables from falling out into the ground.


Some jogging strollers come with storage compartments built right into the canopy. These pockets aren’t particularly deep, but they’re ideal for storing little items like your keys or wallet.

The storage possibilities in jogging strollers vary widely from one manufacturer to the next, so search around if you have special storage needs.


Canopies are standard on all jogging strollers. Some are made of one piece, while others fold down. When you’re outside, the canopy will keep the sun off your baby’s skin. And, this is common for a baby pram today. 


Some canopies are attached to the back of the seat, while others are independent, allowing you to shift them as needed. If you’re jogging towards the sun while it’s low in the sky, this will come in useful.


It might be difficult to see what your infant is up to in the stroller while the canopy is up without stepping up to the front to check. It’s for this reason that some canopies include a peek-a-boo window.

On the canopy’s top, there’s a peek-a-boo window. It’s a little flap that you may draw up and glance through to see how your kid is doing.

Some other things you may want in a Jogging Stroller include:


Ultimately, a jogging stroller will not be right for everyone. You should consider your needs and the type of activities that you do with your child before choosing which is the best buy. If you plan to jog or run regularly with your stroller, or if you have a high-activity baby or toddler, then you will find great value in purchasing a jogging stroller.


You can optimize your workout, get some fresh air with them and jogging/running with your child can be a really fun time for both of you. 


However, if you’re considering a jogging stroller due to purely aesthetic reasons, you should be careful about what stroller you choose! Not all of them come with side protection from urban hazards and parking lot mishaps.


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