Document Preparation


Ready-to-Go Document Preparation for Your Convenience

In serving global clients for years, we offer you an efficient document organization process that will help deliver our baby products with no hassles.


Providing certification, quality inspection reports, import and export documentation allows you to reduce delays and ensure the immediate arrival of our baby products.


All of these services come at zero cost to you and are part of our commitment to providing you with convenience.

Efficient Documentation

Organizing all your files with attention to detail, we make sure all orders and deliveries are carried out with no hassle on your end.


Import & Export Documentation

Our expertise in customs formalities and international market standards allow us to carry out organized import and export documentation consistently, With fewer worries for your business, we ensure all data matches the regulations of your target market.


Quality Inspection Report

After every test, we provide inspection reports that detail the results and the performance of our baby products. Providing these reports will validate our capability to deliver lasting baby products to any market.


Marketing Proposals

Taking feedback from many parents, we study your demographics to understand their needs. We apply our insights into our branding and marketing strategies, which we discuss with you for a more cohesive plan of action to increase brand loyalty.

From Lab to Lane:
Riverbaby's Commitment to Tested Quality

mom feeding a baby in a highchair 2

The Industry's First Artificial Road Testing Site

River Baby has built the industry’s first artificial road testing site. We’ve created 11 types of roads to test on:
It is essential to carry out a series of rigorous tests on pre-market prams. It not only checks that the prams will not cause accidents due to design or manufacturing defects, but also ensures that the prams will still work properly after a long period of use and will not fail due to wear and tear or other reasons. It is very necessary for purchasers to ensure the safety and quality of the product when purchasing a pram with such high safety features.
mom feeding a baby in a highchair 2

Riverbaby's Indoor Quality Guarantee

1. Rolling Test Machine

For EN1888-1:2022, it needs to run 72,000 times

2. Handle Strength Test Machine

Each baby stroller needs to do a lifting test 10,000 times

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