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OEM/ODM Baby High Chair Supplier

High Chairs from our rich selection of baby products from China provide a comfortable dining experience for toddlers and a convenient method of supervising them during meals.


Our chairs are made with advanced plastic materials that are safe for any toddler while making it durable and easy to clean.


River Baby is a trusted high chair manufacturer with a strong supply chain integration.

With our factory and cooperation with manufacturers, we are consistent in completing orders of quality baby products.


We set our baby high chair cost to provide the best possible ROI among wholesalers, distributors, and brand owners thanks to supplying chain integration.


With our high-end customization service on high chairs, we also help you secure a leading market position for your brand. Make a difference by contacting our sales team.





Designed for Comfort, Built for Marketability

Our engineers took into account what consumers want from top-grade high chairs to our baby products, helping you attract them to your business.

Eye-Catching Designs

Through our OEM/ODM service, we design baby high chairs that can draw your target audience’s attention while driving your brand.

Healthy Ergonomic Seating

Our high chairs have an ergonomic feature that accommodates the natural shape of an infants’ body for maximum comfort, helping you garner brand loyalty.

Eco-Friendly Materials

We use non-toxic materials that will not harm the environment or children. The focus on safety among our baby products can bolster your brand image.

Quality-Oriented Production

Dedicated QC teams go through our production line to ensure our high chairs are in excellent condition, ensuring your capability in meeting customer expectations.

Certified High Chairs

Our high chairs comply with international standards on safety and quality. River Baby’s certified high chairs can be exported to major markets around the globe.

Extensive Customization Services

You can choose to change the color, size, and material of our high chair as well as incorporating your logo and company name to drive your branding efforts.

Our One-Stop Solution for Your Baby High Chair Business

River Baby is committed to delivering hassle-free, leading to your easy and successful baby stroller sourcing in China.

OEM/ODM Product Development

River Baby is capable of providing you with efficient custom baby product solutions that will help you tap into rising market demands within a short time. We have experienced engineers and fast prototyping to make the process smooth for your business.
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Supplier Management

We have formed a strong partnership with numerous suppliers who are consistent with quality and punctuality for raw materials and outsourced orders. We guarantee your orders are completed on time during peak season without compromising on quality.
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Production Management

We have our factory with 12,000 square meters of working space while our team follows up on the production process with outsourced factories. River Baby can fulfill large volume orders on-time and keep you updated on the progress of your project.
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Quality Management / Testing

Our dedicated inspection team follows our formulated QC system to test each baby product for functionality, last ability, and safety throughout the process. Our focus on quality ensures our baby product helps you bring in your target consumers in the market.
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Custom Packaging

We offer full brand packaging services where we provide consultation on marketing strategies, product feature highlights, label and logo design. Our team works with you in creating a powerful brand image to bolster your market campaign.
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Document Preparation

Through our one-stop-shop services, we handle all of the minor details along the way such as document preparation. Our convenient process helps you get out of busy customs clearers so you have more time to focus on major tasks such as marketing.
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