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As one of the leading baby cradle manufacturers in China, we fulfill bulk orders at competitive prices thanks to the proximity of the main raw material production area, automated mass production, and comprehensive self-owned R&D team.


Our entire staff has vast expertise working with producers of newborn cradles. The ISO9001: 2000 standard governs our rigorous quality control system. River Baby is an experienced exporter and cradle manufacturer. 


Professional quality control inspections are done throughout the production and before packaging, ensuring that our high-quality standards are maintained from start to finish.





Wholesale Cradle from River Baby

In the baby products sector, we’ve been around for a long time and we use the latest technology to make our products. We stand behind the quality of our items. Your baby furniture can be made by us in any style or design that you like.


River Baby is dedicated to providing the finest possible support to its customers in the baby furniture industry. If you need something, you can count on us to get back to you quickly. To ensure that you are satisfied with the final product, we can provide a sample for you to test. We may also customize the products to meet your specific needs.


Through our integrated supply chain, we provide 2-3 competitive quatations, giving you the ability to select the best option to match your market.

Cradle From River Baby

High Quality

River Baby is China's best-known supplier of baby cradles, and their goods are widely acknowledged to be of the highest quality.

Safe Materials

Our Chinese suppliers of baby cradles create their products using only natural, non-toxic materials, making them completely safe for babies.

Interenational Certificate

All of our products are conform to European and American safety standards. We have the international certificates for our baby cradle manufacturers in China.

Comfortable Mattress

Our baby cradles come with a mattress made of 100 % cotton to provide a good night's sleep for the child.

Easy To Carry

Our portable cradles are a terrific option for when you're on the go because they fold up tiny enough to fit in your carry-on luggage.

Custom Baby Cradle From Our OEM/ODM Project

In order to meet the ever-changing needs of the infant goods market, River Baby can provide businesses with quick, low-cost, personalized solutions. A streamlined business process is ensured thanks to River Baby’s experienced engineers and speedy prototyping.

Custom Your Design

With our many years of expertise and your input during our consultations, River Baby will design a high quality cradle for your baby products firm. Because of our strong manufacturing partnerships and in-house designers, we are able to deliver OEM/ODM baby products that reflect your brand's innovations. To ensure timely delivery, select from a choice of high-end baby items. Car seat designs have been thoroughly examined in light of consumer feedback and current market sizing and usage patterns.

Professional R&D teams

It is River Baby's R&D team's seven years of experience and hundreds of patents that allow them to handle the most challenging projects. In their fully equipped laboratory and equipment, they may continue research and development while also producing new infant items of the highest quality. Choosing a baby cradle is no easy task these days, and River baby is well-aware of the high standards set by modern parents. Their structural design contributes to the improved security and comfort of our infant items.

Full Solutions From Custom Baby Cradle Supplier

Supplier Management

When it comes to raw materials and outsourced orders, River Baby has established long-term relationships with suppliers that have proven themselves to be reliable in terms of both quality and speed.
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Production Management

Outsourced manufacturing is overseen by River Baby from a 12,000-square-meter facility. River Baby is capable of handling large orders and keeping customers up to date on the progress of their projects in a timely manner.
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Strict Quality Management and Testing

River Baby utilizes a professional inspection team to examine each baby product for usage, durability, and safety during the manufacturing process. Customers in your target demographic will be drawn to your baby product because of its focus on quality.
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Custom Service

Marketing strategy, product highlights, label and logo design and more are all included in River Baby's full brand packaging options. We work with you to create a strong brand image that will help your marketing efforts.
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Document Preparation

There is no additional charge for River Baby's all-inclusive services. This simple strategy will help you to skip clogged customs checks, allowing you to devote more time to other tasks, such as marketing.
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Approachable MOQ

River Baby’s industry knowledge gives us a thorough understanding of the whole infant product supply chain. River Baby does not have a minimum order quantity and will accept smaller orders from those who want to test the market.
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