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Detailed Quality Management in Every Level

Quality management matters to us because we seek to help parents take care of their children with as little worry as possible. In our effort to reduce manufacturing defects, every stage goes through strict testing, whether from our raw materials or the manufacturing in our cooperative factories.


We go to great lengths to deliver quality products that last for longer periods.From our QC labs to the product certification from third-party inspectors, we validate the high performance of our baby products with the latest technology.Certification guarantees that our products can enter anywhere hassle-free.





We Guarantee Excellent Quality

From material certification to final inspection, we make sure that every component of our baby products exceeds industry standards.


Strict Raw Materials Introduction and Inspection

Ensuring lasting strength for all of our baby products, we acquire raw materials that are proven to be of excellent quality.


Only trusted suppliers are accepted into our integrated supply chain, providing us with their certification and test results as proof of their ability. We also conduct raw material tests to ensure textile, plastic parts, pipes, and hardwares are in line with standards.


Using EN/RoHS/REACH-certified materials allows us to earn the trust of every global market.


Comprehensive Factory Audit

Quality matters when selecting our partner factories to construct baby product components.


In ensuring the seamless distribution of our product line, we check on factory background, experience, and performance to see how they align with your quality and market needs.

Such strict adherence to quality consistency ensures your brand can be expressed better while offering quality performance.


Transparency in Our Production Monitoring

Whether in our cooperative factories or within our own workshops, monitoring every step of the production process ensures that quality is consistently followed through.


In our pursuit for transparency, we document the entire production process by collecting reports, photos and videos for your perusal.


Presenting every detail helps minimize errors and lessen your worries by keeping you updated on the whole process.


Complete Quality Control System in Our Cooperative Factories

Our cooperative factories produce designer baby products that go through their own series of inspections.


From raw materials to semi-product inspection and final test, chemical, and physical tests, we will check reports from our cooperative factories.


As we want to make sure that our baby products are in working order, we send our QC team to monitor the testing and provide documentation that would earn your market’s trust.


A Cohesive Inspection Process by River Baby

River Baby affirms its responsibility to monitor the performance of our baby products before shipping.  We test products from cooperative factories before shipping to ensure consistency in our quality.


Our QC team has advanced equipment to screen our baby products at every step of the process. We can also meet your requirements for additional tests to minimize the risk your brand takes on quality.


Rigorous Third-Party Inspections


Qualified experts from quality assurance agencies support our quality control process and carry a final inspection.


Through this process, we certify that our products are of top-notch quality and have been screened thoroughly for their performance.


Production certification ensures fast access to your region while affirming our quality consistency.

Only Quality Materials

Factory Audit

Production Monitoring

Professional Testing

Customizable Brand Packaging

Third-Party Inspection

Physical and Chemical Tests Guarantee the Functional Quality

The tests we conduct in our QC laboratory are for our whole product line and every component, from materials to the final products will be checked thoroughly to reduce your hassles and secure customer trust.

Final Product Test

Irregular Surface Test

According EN and ASTM standards, we determine the strength of our baby stroller by testing their resistance to high impacts of its or even higher regulation, testing guarantees that our strollers can last long, securing the trust of your end-users.

Lifting Test

Our lifting tests by professional instrument determine if the product strong enough, functional failure, or any form of damage. This way, we further affirm the durability of our finished products to be ready for delivery and meet the EN and ASTM standards.

Vibration Test

We put our products under the frequency of vibration after 14,200 times, following international transport standard 1A to see if there is no structural or functional failure. That ensures the durability of our products and their continued functionality.

Stability Test

Using an standard inclined platform to test the product if it can pass the stability per EN and ASTM standard. The test assures the product is safe and will not tip over during use.

Assembly and Disassembly Test

In our tests, we make sure that the assembly and disassembly is smooth and nothing comes off loosely and nothing missing. Having inspected the wholes process, we guarantee that our components operate well under any condition without breaking apart.

Visual Inspection

The visual inspection of hardware and plastic parts shows that none of the parts have any color difference or scratches. Within our stitching inspection, we guarantee that there is no leakage to meet international standards for long-lasting quality.
Wheel Test

Braking Test

With a wheel displacement that is less than international standards, we ensure that our baby products work properly when brakes are applied. This makes our strollers and other products more user-friendly and reliable.

Wheel Deflection Test

The anti-vibration wheels used for our strollers go through quality testing that identifies any defects right away to prevent accidents. A rotation deflection degree within 1.5mm is acceptable to guarantee smooth controlling.
Textile Test

Color Inspection

Using standard light source and Pantone color cards, we determine that fabrics meet the required color. Color consistency and guaranteed fabric quality are affirmed through our tests, reducing any worries about the appearance of our baby products.
Plastic Component Test

Impact Test for Plastic Components

our plastic components are tested to see if they are unbroken after being impacted by 2KG iron blocks from 1M height. The resilience of our plastics shows that our baby products are tough and maintain their form from any impact.
Hardware Component Test

Salt Spray Test

Testing the corrosion resistance of hardware accessories in a pH value of 6.2-7.2 ensures the safety and high-performance of our baby products in long-term use.

Impact Test for Surface Finishing

By testing the hardwares on the impact tester, we ensure the reliability and quality of the finishing process. Our baby products are guaranteed with exquisite surface and durable service quality.
Pipe Component Test

Screen Printing Firmness Test

For pipe components with a screen printing finishing, we use the 3M tape for testing the fastness of processed parts to avoid fading. We guarantee all parts can meet the quality and aesthetic requirements in your market.

Impact Test for Pipe Components

Pipe components are widely used in our baby products like strollers and presented the quality of the products. We ensure the quality of pipe with a baking paint finishing by strict impact test to help you gain more customers' trust.

Qualified QC team

Experts in the field have over 5 years of experience, thereby overseeing quality testing with keen attention to detail. Our team is responsible for checking up on our laboratory equipment and testing that is done in every step.


With strong quality control, all our products are delivered at full performance, securing your market’s trust for increased brand loyalty.

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