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A travel system is made up of two parts, which are a stroller and a car seat for babies. The infant car seat can be put on and taken off quickly and easily.


Baby travel systems are highly recommended for parents who travel with babies. Car seats are usually made up of the car seat and a stroller. They are portable, comfortable, easy to use and light in weight. Baby travel systems are made with the best quality so that they can withstand the rough handling of babies.


River Baby‘s travel systems provide a safe, fun, and convenient way for babies and parents to explore the world.Baby travel systems promote family travel and freedom for parents. At River Baby, we offer a wide selection of high-quality baby travel systems for car seats and strollers.





Wholesale Travel System from River Baby

River Baby is a wholesale baby shop that provides high-quality products at discounted prices. We offer a range of baby products.


Our selection of baby travel systems includes travel systems for strollers, convertible car seats, toddler car seats, and SUV car seats. All the baby travel systems we provide to our customers are of top quality. They are made of light-weight materials and are easy to carry.

Highlights of Our Travel System

A baby travel system is a kind of stroller that includes a car seat. It is lightweight, portable, easy to use, user-friendly and convenient. The following are its features:

Car Seat

The stroller has safety straps for a car seat. It protects the infant from jerks and stops. The buckles are safe and easy to use.


A stroller is made up of light-weight yet sturdy material. It is easy to fold, so that parents can transport it with ease and convenience

Suspension System

Baby travel system strollers are designed to provide the best comfort to the babies. The suspension system helps to absorb most of the shocks while traveling.

Adjustable Handle

The handle of the stroller can be moved to different places so that the parent can carry the stroller in a more convenient way.

Custom Travel System From Our OEM/ODM Project

River Baby’s core technology is available for customers to implement their own brand name and project. In order to provide more choices in baby travel systems, we provide OEM/ODM services and projects for our customers.

Custom Your Design

River Baby allows you to personalize the travel system with the colors and materials of your choice.We can provide you with OEM service. Your logo can be printed on your brand name.

Professional R&D team

As a professional manufacturer, design and manufacture of baby products, we have a strong capability. We have our own quality management control center, design and research & development team that guarantees the quality of the products.

Full Solutions From Travel System Manufacturer

Supplier Management

Every stage of the process is extensively tested and examined in order to avoid manufacturing faults and reduce maintenance costs.
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Production Management

We maintain continuous documentation of the whole process for your review in order to ensure high-volume production and a consistent supply of designer baby goods.
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Strict Quality Management and Testing

Our quality control laboratory examines our whole product line, from raw materials to finished goods, to decrease your difficulties and gain client trust.
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Custom Service

We offer a diverse range of customized services, including custom packaging / design, color matching, and custom labeling of your baby goods. We also have OEM and ODM capabilities.
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Document Preparation

We provide a range of documentation services to reduce your workload and maximize your business.
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Approachable MOQ

With River Baby, we can start a business relationship with low risk and high profit.
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