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About River Baby

Our Factory

Located in the city of Zhongshan, our 12,000 sq. ft. factory houses two fully-automated production lines that can complete up to 500 units per day.

We also have multiple workshops for production management, engineering, and warehouse management for efficient manufacturing. Ensuring quality and efficiency, our facility acquired certifications from ISO and BSCI, among others. Enquire today and book a factory visit to see our optimal production process.

Our Company

Established in 2014, River Baby has been in the business of developing and supplying baby products that include baby strollers, high chairs, bouncers, playpens, car seats and walkers .

We are a professional OEM/ODM company that aims to be a one-stop shop for baby product sourcing needs in China, from designing to contract manufacturing and international shipping.

Work with River Baby today and experience our international service and expertise today.

ISO 9001




Our story

Thoughts from Our Founder

Working in the baby industry since 2003, I am familiar with the standards and production process for creating the best baby products.


And being a father of two wonderful children, I understand what most parents are looking for, like safety, ease of use, and environmental protection. To make sure parents will be happy with our products, I test our newest creations with my children and see that they meet our standards.


My team and I agree on the belief that every brand that places a focus on the growth of children will gain better market positioning and trust with our exceptional baby products.


“ We help baby product business reflects the brand value and care by quality products. ”

- Iceman Tan ,
Our Founder

Aim to Facilitate Parenthood and Your Business

Aim to Facilitate Parenthood and Your Business

Our mission is to provide clients with safe and dependable baby product solutions for their customers.


With a vision to build an integrated supply chain for custom baby products that clients to lean on, River Baby is always your reliable one-stop baby product supplier.


By partnering with River Baby, you are guaranteed consistent, high-quality products at amazingly competitive prices.

Our Core Values

River Baby’s core values are reflected in our production process and quality output.


We take care of all details for all OEM and ODM projects, making sure we provide the best options based on the latest market trends and market analysis.


With years of experience in the industry and high levels of expertise from our talented team, you are sure to get the best and innovative baby products for our facility.


Knowing that our brand is proven by the quality of our output, we uphold high-quality standards throughout our manufacturing process, from material selection to assembly.


Through our integrated supply chain and close partnerships with leading suppliers, we can ensure that our baby products can meet your market needs and time-to-market.


Meet Our Team

At the backbone of our company are our talented team of experts that facilitate the manufacturing of your baby products.

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