Effective R&D Service​

With over seven years of experience and hundreds of patents, our talented R&D team is capable of handling your project with the best results.


Our fully-functional lab and facility allow room for ongoing research and development and opens opportunities for innovative baby products.


Never Stop with New Feature Development

We know what parents in the new era require for baby strollers and other products. We improve the convenience and safety of our baby products from the structure design.


Using lighter materials and designing more flexible steering systems, while testing stability against any international safety standards, ensure that our new stroller series can lead your market. Look forward to our new products on the market.

Integrated R&D Partnership

To achieve the best products for our clients, we work with reliable facilities and labs.

Partnering with Qualified Factories

Pursuing innovation and constant development, we make sure that our manufacturing tools and processes are up to par with our client’s needs.

Working with qualified factories, we seek the best production equipment and procedures that match international standards.

Working Closely with Third-Party Labs

We make sure that the materials we use for manufacturing baby products are safe and durable for infant and child use.

To introduce new materials and check the material quality, we cooperate with reputable third-party laboratories in conducting tests and clear certifications.

Our Patents

Browse through our lists of patents, showing our drive for innovation and continuous development.

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