The Best 5 Baby Products Brands in Saudi Arabia

Becoming a new parent can make anyone feel nervous and insecure in the beginning. After all, it is a big responsibility. But one can pacify the anxiety by preparing for it beforehand by buying all the essential gear. It would not only make new parents ready for handling a new life but would also imbue them with the required knowledge and confidence.

If you’re a baby products provider and thinking of buying the right stuff to offer to new parents to help them become better at parenting, this blog might be useful to you. Here we have listed the top 5 baby product manufacturers in Saudi Arabia you can digitally buy from while ensuring timely delivery and quality. These brands provide baby products wholesale as well as retail to all buyers.

FirstCry Saudi Arabia

FirstCry Logo
Source: FirstCry

Business Type: Retailer & Supplier

Years of Experience: 12 years

FirstCry Saudi Arabia is Asia’s largest online store for children’s products, including clothing, footwear, blankets, car seats, furniture, food processors, toys, and diaper essentials, among others. It caters to the needs of mothers from before their kid is born up to their teens by providing a range of products.

It is an Indian brand dedicated to offering the best deals for its customers. Their endeavor is to ensure that parents get the widest possible choices of top-rated brands and products at a good price anywhere in Saudi Arabia, combined with the finest services and timely delivery at their doorstep. From car seats to nursery essentials, its products include everything for new parents.

Product Range:

  • Infant Clothing
  • Car Seats
  • Bouncers & Rockers
  • Blankets & Linen
  • Furniture & Decor
  • Diaper Essentials
  • Feeding Products
  • Ride-on & Scooters
  • Stationary & Backpacks

Mamas & Papas Saudi Arabia

Mamas Papas Logo
Source: Mamas & Papas

Business Type: Manufacturer & Supplier

Years of Experience: 35 years

For over 40 years, Mamas & Papashas been helping parents grow their families in the safest and healthiest manner by providing the right products for their needs. It is a UK-based nursery manufacturer supplying prams, pushchairs, furniture, custom baby car seat, and maternity wear. It was established in 1981 by David and Luisa Scacchetti to bring Italian design to the UK baby buggy market.

Although Mamas and Papas Saudi Arabia was founded almost 40 years ago, it still holds a great reputation in the baby products market, with more than 30 stores across the UK. If you’re looking for a trusted nursery manufacturer and retailer in Saudi Arabia who listens to parents’ needs, you can put your bets on Mamas & Papas.

Product Range:

  • Strollers & Buggies
  • Toddler Car Seats
  • Pushchair Liners
  • Baby Furniture
  • Bath Accessories
  • Toys & Play-mats
  • Potty Training Tools
  • Feeding & Nursing Items
  • Clothes & Accessories

Chicco Saudi Arabia

Chicco Logo
Source: Chicco

Business Type: Manufacturer

Years of Experience: 60+ years

Chicco is an Italian children’s clothing and toys manufacturer with headquarters in Como, Italy. It has a number of retail outlets worldwide, producing in Italy and China and supplying across the Middle East. It has been in the baby products manufacturing business for over 60 years, catering to the needs of new parents and children.

The reason Chicco has managed to establish itself in this competitive environment is its zeal to promote the idea of parenting by allowing parents to take care of their children in different ways. The best thing about the brand is its competence, commitment, and passion for offering high-quality baby products,including Chicco car seat and stroller at affordable rates.

Product Range:

  • Baby Monitors
  • Strollers & Carriers
  • Eating Cutlery
  • Toys & Musical Instruments
  • Food Processors
  • Mosquito Repellants
  • Bathing Accessories
  • Soothers & Pacifiers
  • Pregnancy Pillows
  • Breastfeeding Products

Doona Saudi Arabia

Doona Logo
Source: Doona

Business Type: Manufacturer

Years of Experience: 7+ years

Doona is another baby products manufacturer that was introduced to the world in 2015. As soon as it entered the market, it became a game changer for traveling families and those who keep their travels closer to home. One of its most popular items is a baby stroller in China and an infant car seat that can shoot out wheels to become a stroller in a matter of seconds.

The visionary brand is committed to improving and simplifying the lives of parents and children by offering practical products to users, including Doona car seat and stroller. Innovation, quality, safety, and design are at the forefront of its product development. Although the brand is located in China, it serves globally in over 45 countries today.

If you’re looking for a brand that considers practicality, ease of use, and product enjoyment while placing safety, quality, and design as priorities, you can turn to Doona without a doubt.

Product Range:

  • Infant Car Seat
  • Baby Rain-cover
  • Bags & Accessories

Graco Saudi Arabia

Graco Logo
Source: Graco

Business Type: Manufacturer

Years of Experience: 80+ years

Graco is an American baby products manufacturer based in North Carolina. It was established by Rex Thomas in 1955. Rex got the inspiration to start a baby products manufacturing after watching his wife using a string to rock their baby in a swing. So, he decided to join forces with Graco engineer, David Saint to design the Swyngomatic, the world’s first automatic baby swing, and help other parents.

Today, Graco is a proud member of the Newell Brands family, offering parents a helping hand through quality baby gear. Its products include nursery essentials, Graco stroller, and everything a baby needs to grow up safely. All its products are easy to use, offering the comfort and convenience features every parent wants. Graco understands that no matter what life brings our way, the one constant is the love we feel for our kids. That’s why it does the required research and testing to design its products.

Product Range:

  • Car Seats
  • Strollers
  • Playards
  • Bassinets
  • Carriers
  • Nursery Essentials
  • Swings and Jumpers
  • High Chairs

River Baby – The Best Supplier Alternative in China

River Baby Logo
Source: River Baby

Business Type: Manufacturer & Supplier

Years of Experience: 18+ years

Soon-to-be and new mothers have a lot of time to dedicate to shopping for their babies. That’s why, as a baby products provider, you must ensure to offer them a range of quality items so that they don’t feel the need to take their infant to a physical store. To help you ease the dilemma, one of the top Chinese infant products suppliers in Saudi Arabia, River Baby, is now online. You can shop from their digital store for all the baby essentials without needing to head to the store.

River Baby is a baby product manufacturer and supplier located in Zhongshan city. It operates in 12,000 sq. ft. factory houses with two fully automated production lines completing up to 500 units per day. It has multiple workshops for production management, engineering, and warehouse management for efficient manufacturing.

The best thing about River Baby is it ensures quality and efficiency, acquiring certifications from ISO and BSCI, among others. If you’re looking for a reputable and trustable supplier of the best car seats, strollers, or high chairs in Saudi Arabia, you can turn to this Chinese brand without a second thought, as it has been serving people for over two decades. Iceman Tan, the founder of River Baby, keeps a lot of things, including sustainability, ease of use, and baby safety, in mind while making products for new parents.

Product Range:

  • Strollers & Walkers
  • Highchair & Bouncer
  • Playpen
  • Cradle & Crib
  • Infant Car Seats

Wrapping Up

We hope this blog introduces you to some of the top baby product brands in Saudi Arabia at the moment. All the brands listed here never compromise on quality and set a higher standard than any other official standard tested by approved labs. Besides, their products, including the best strollers go through vigorous testing to ensure they meet the highest quality standard while taking care of the environment.

So if you want to buy from a trustable and reputable baby product brand in Saudi Arabia, please consider the ones listed here. We are sure their products won’t dissatisfy you and parents, at all. To buy quality and variety of best baby products at an affordable range and in bulk, contact us anytime.

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