Where Is The Safest Place To Put A Car Seat?

As soon as the newborns learn to sit on their own, they begin to get curious little by little and enjoy new things introduced to them daily. Among such new adventures of life is taking them on a car ride, introducing them to new places like parks, lakesides, homes of dearest relatives, and so on. 

To make sure this ride from home to the desired destination is both comfortable and safe, parents switch to car seats rather than holding the baby and hurting them unintentionally. Sudden brakes and jerks can cause these little injuries, and a car seat ensures the little one is not bothered by them. A baby car seat factory takes special care while manufacturing these car seats and includes every necessary safety feature. 

Car Seats Go In The Middle

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According to experts, the safest spot for a car seat, most preferably in the center of the back seat, is better recognized as the middle seat. There is a list of reasons why the middle is considered the safest position for setting the baby car seat, but the main reason is its distance from the rear passenger seat and the airbags.

Experts suggest that installing car seats at the center is the safest option for toddlers because the chances of injury are the least. According to various surveys, toddlers between the age of 0 and 3 who were placed in the center car seat had 43% fewer chances of sudden injuries caused by jerks, brakes, or accidents. Similarly, surveys on road accidents involving toddlers with car seats had 13% more chances of survival. Based on these surveys, experts have declared the center to be the safest spot in cars for car seats.

Another significant reason behind choosing the middle as the safest spot for an infant car seat can be because it offers a clear reflection in the rearview mirror. When a parent is covering a long distance by road, they can always keep an eye on their babies while driving. Which is why it is safe both for the driver and the baby. 

Many parents have suggested how they like their babies to be in the front seat and enjoy the drives more and in case they are needy, they can easily comfort the baby. However, experts do not approve of the front passenger seat being the safest spot for car seat installation, the sole reason being the high risk of injuries. In case of emergencies, a child may suffer fatal injuries because of the airbags. Hence, the safest place for a car seat is always the middle seat at the back. If being a parent you wish to begin a baby product business, you can check out baby product wholesale offered by trustworthy manufacturers and suppliers. 

Safest Spot For Car Seat FAQ

An Infant Car Seat At Front Passenger
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Becoming a new parent or planning to have a baby sooner is the happiest pleasure of life, but with babies comes loads of responsibilities and, of course, worries. When traveling with a toddler for the first time parents do not want to miss any safety measures. Many questions are brimming their minds, especially if it is long-distance travel by car. The most common concern or question asked by most new parents is where is the safest place to put a car seat? Or what are the things to keep in mind while choosing a position and setting the seat? Some of the most common frequently asked questions can help all parents get rid of their worries and decide what is best for them. 

Why Is The Middle The Safest Spot And Not The Front Passenger Seat?

Even if some parents love the idea of their infants sitting comfortably next to them in the front passenger seat, is it a good idea? According to experts, the safest place for an infant car seat is the center or the middle position. 

In the case of emergencies, it has been evident that the front passenger seats are most prone to fatal injuries, which is why the middle seat is regarded as comparatively safe. It is the safest place for car seat in the back seat, ensuring the infant has fewer injuries that can be caused even by sudden brakes. 

Other than these reasons mentioned above, experts say that the middle seat offers more comfort than the front and rear seats, and it helps infants feel more relaxed. Not just security and relaxation, the central position also enables the parent driving a car to keep an eye on every move and action of their babies even when driving with full concentration. The idea of comforting the baby in the front seat while driving is never safe; it can also sometimes be very distractive. Therefore, the safest position for a car seat is said to be in the middle seat. 

Can Parents Consider Rear Passenger Seats?

Even if it is not a bad idea to set the car seat on the front passenger seat, especially if the baby cries when parents are not around, it cannot be considered the safest spot. Sometimes, when a single parent has to drive with an infant, it becomes very challenging to comfort the baby and drive simultaneously; in such cases, a front passenger is a great option. But it is not suggested for long-distance drives because it involves many risks. 

Although the rear passenger seat gives easy access to parents to look after their infants, it is a red flag to experts because it is very close to the positioning of airbags. In case of emergencies, a punch of an airbag can sometimes be similar to hitting the face on the concrete. Therefore, it is not the best position. 

What To Do When Two Or More Car Seats Are To Be Installed?

Parents with two or more kids find it very hard to position car seats for them, only the middle cannot be the safest place for a car seat. And the biggest confusion they come across is which baby to put in the center and why, how to adjust two car seats at the center, and so on. 

When two or three convertible car seats are needed to be installed, experts suggest that the forward-facing child should be at the center while the rear-facing children could be on either side. The logic behind the suggestion is that a rear-facing child is considered in a much safer position than a forward-facing child. 

Is The Front Passenger Seat A Better Option Than The Rear Passenger? 

Until a child has attained 12 years of age, experts do not suggest sitting on the front passenger seat, which is why sticking to the rear seat is better. In case of emergencies, when the parent is driving alone and has no option but to place car seats on the front passenger seat, there are quite a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Car seats have lap belts and other necessary latches to protect the baby from sudden jerks.
  2. The airbag feature is deactivated because it can prove to be life-threatening. 

Toddlers Of What Age Can Sit Comfortably In A Car Seat?

Usually, toddlers between 6 months to 3 years old can sit comfortably in a regular car seat. As they grow older, they require bigger seats to sit comfortably. Until an infant has learned to sit on its own, car seats can injure them in many ways. Therefore, unless the baby is comfortable sitting on its own, installing car seats is not a good option. 

What Mistakes Should Parents Avoid During Car Seat Installation?

There are many common mistakes that parents often commit unknowingly while purchasing and installing car seats. Every car is built; differently; the seats’ sizes and positions are different, so finding the safest spot and installing car seats accordingly is significant. Whether the confusion is with finding the safest place for rear-facing car seat or what to do if there is no lap belt in the middle, there are many factors to keep in mind. Parents must be cautious about these things:

  • Not knowing the right spot and making the biggest mistake of placing the car seat in a spot that is not the safest.
  • Failing to pay attention to whether car seats have been installed properly.
  • Not paying attention if the middle seat has a lap belt for extra safety.
  • Tying safety latches too tightly can suffocate the baby.
  • Buying a used car seat because it seemed affordable, but deep down, it may have defects and increase many risk factors. 
  • Reclining the baby at the wrong angle. 
Common MistakesDescription
Not knowing the right spot for car seatParents often place the car seat in a spot that is not the safest.
Failing to ensure proper installationParents may not pay enough attention to whether car seats have been installed properly.
Ignoring the middle seat’s lap beltParents may not check if the middle seat has a lap belt for extra safety.
Tying safety latches too tightlyTying safety latches too tightly can suffocate the baby.
Buying a used car seatBuying a used car seat may seem affordable, but it may have defects and increase many risk factors.
Reclining the baby at the wrong angleParents may recline the baby at an incorrect angle, which can be unsafe.

What If The Car Only Has Two Back Seats? Is There A Need To Buy A New Car?

When a car is relatively small and does not have a middle seat, parents are very concerned about how and where to find the safest spot and install a car seat. But, even if there is no middle seat, there is no need to buy a brand-new car because the back seat’s middle spot will work the same. In such a scenario, the front passenger seat must be very close to the forward-facing infant car seat; hence, it is suggested to keep the baby rear-facing for enhanced safety and comfort. You can also choose a booster seat for more security and convenience. 


When looking for a top-quality baby car seat, what matters the most is the easy installation and converting car seats back to strollers efficiently. It is only a trusted manufacturing company that takes care of the most minor features and guarantees safety and comfort. For infants, car rides can be their favorite adventure, and to make that moment the safest, companies manufacture car seats with latches, lap belts, and so on. 

As parents, it is a big responsibility to choose what is best for their babies. Similarly, for starting a baby products business that focuses on car seats, you need trustworthy manufacturers. If you wish to purchase car seats of uncompromising quality at wholesale, contact us here.

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