Ultimate Stroller Buying Guide: How To Choose Best Stroller For Your Baby

Being a parent is a hands-on, full-time job. As a parent, you always want your baby’s comfort. A good stroller can make your job as a parent a lot easier. Also, a good stroller makes outdoor experiences with your baby or toddler more hassle-free and allows you to save a lot of time and energy. 

Baby Stroller

A stroller provides you the flexibility to take on tasks while having the ability to carry and move around your child and ensures your baby’s safety as they are strapped to it. If you are struggling to select a baby stroller, we had tested 10 baby stroller brands in the USA.. If you are struggling to select a baby stroller, we had tested 10 baby stroller brands in the USA.. It also enables you to use the storage space of your child’s stroller to keep different objects (like diapers, snacks, drinks) that may be necessary. With this, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing your child is safe without you having to deal with diapers and milk bottles

If you are looking for the best stroller, you are at the right place! Keep reading our ultimate pushchairs buying guide to assess the best stroller for your baby, by the way, here’s an extend reading about when can a baby can sit in stroller, knowing the proper age of using the stroller is also an important factor to consider

Different Types Of Baby Strollers And Prams

The market has a varied set of strollers available. Undoubtedly, the correct type of stroller can make a great difference in your convenience as a parent and your child’s comfort. You can also buy a car seat. Given below are the different types of strollers available in the market:

Baby Stroller 1

Full-size Stroller

A full-size stroller is known as the “staple stroller.” A full-size stroller is generally tall and wide. It can be used from the day of the birth of your baby to when your baby becomes a toddler. A vital characteristic of a full-size stroller is that it can transform into a portable stroller. Hence, this type of stroller is a famous option for people who wish to grow their family or have a family of multiples.

full-size stroller
Source: River Baby

Advantage: A vital advantage of a full-size stroller is that it offers extra bench seating and can be changed to a car seat for a baby. It is durable and easy to move as well. Full size-strollers come with extra storage and a bassinet that can click into your frame and become a pram. Hence, it is a good option for families that wish to have a comfortable stroller with extra room for their baby.

Disadvantage: Parallelly, a full-size stroller may not be the best option if you do not want a heavy stroller.

Compact Stroller

It is suggested that compact strollers are ideal for newborn babies. It is small and generally stylish and can be folded as per the requirement. A compact stroller is designed to reduce the weight of the frame without compromising the comfort, safety, and mobility of a baby stroller. The core characteristic of a compact stroller is that it is light in weight and makes movement and storage easier. 

Compact stroller
Source: Amazon

Advantage: A compact stroller is advantageous for parents who are more active and do not want the stroller’s weight to impact the usage in any setting. Since it can be folded and is light in weight, a compact stroller will ideally not have any problem fitting into different spaces – like your car's boot.

Disadvantage: The biggest limitation of a compact stroller is that it shall not be of much use when the baby grows up. Furthermore, every baby has different needs at any given stage of their initial months, and because a compact stroller offers limited storage space, it might not be well suited for a baby at all times. Hence, some parents may find a compact stroller not to be a safe investment.

Lightweight Stroller

A lightweight stroller is considered an ideal choice for parents who are “always on the go.” It is specifically designed keeping in mind the need for “portability.” A lightweight stroller aims to balance a traditional stroller and a compact stroller. While it is lighter in size than a standard stroller, it is much easier to fold and becomes compact when it is collapsed or not in use. A lightweight stroller is also known as an “umbrella stroller”.

Lightweight stroller
Source: Amazon

Advantage: A lightweight stroller is distinguished for its durability and cost. A lightweight stroller is generally cheaper and is viewed as a “cost-effective” option for many parents. Since it can be folded, it also offers compactness as a key feature. Hence, a lightweight stroller is beneficial for parents who prefer traveling often and wish their baby could see the world with them.

Disadvantage: The lightweight stroller may not have a lot of padding, and hence, you may not be able to modify them too much. As a result, it is not the best stroller for a baby since it may not offer good head support since it cannot recline fully.

Convertible Stroller

A convertible stroller is seen as a stroller that can “grow with your family.” In the case of this stroller, the design makes it an ideal use case from the day your baby is born to the stage where the baby has passed toddlerhood. 


A convertible stroller allows one to change a single stroller into a double stroller by simply adding a second seat – transforming it into a ride for two. Further, apart from a second seat, a convertible stroller may also enable one to attach an infant car seat or even a bassinet.

Convertible stroller
Source: UBUY

Advantage: A convertible stroller has a slim profile and large storage capacity and generally offers a wide range of configurations that may be feasible for babies, and even toddlers. Additionally, it is easy to maneuver as well and can be considered more economical than buying two separate traditional strollers.

Disadvantage: A convertible stroller is usually heavy in weight, and its bulkiness makes it difficult to steer sometimes. While convertible strollers may offer a competitive price in respect of two separate strollers, they may be viewed as pricey for parents who want to buy a good stroller for their baby. Therefore, it is only a wise choice to go for parents who want to expand their family in future.

Jogging Stroller

As the name may lead one to infer, a jogging stroller is an option for parents that wish to follow a healthy and physically active lifestyle. In the case of a wholesale jogging stroller, the wheels of the stroller are largely fixed and locked to ensure that it is a robust stroller for your baby and that you can enjoy physical activities with your child hassle-free. 


Herein, the three wheels of the stroller are filled with air and fitted to perfection to ensure safety and great maneuverability for your baby. The jogger stroller comes with straps and an overhead sun canopy. It ensures that your baby feels utmost comfort and smoothness in movement at all times.

RDS009 6 1
Source: River Baby

Advantage: A jogging stroller’s wheels are superior because they offer cushion and comfort to your baby even if it is moving on bumpy ground or road. A jogging stroller is robust and a practical choice for any outing. If at all your baby is being taken at an intense speed or facing even an uneven surface, there is no sacrifice in the comfort level and safety of your child.

Disadvantage: The key disadvantage of a jogging stroller is its price because a jogging stroller is generally expensive. Additionally, it is considerably heavy and is not easy to fold – making its portability an issue and thus, demonstrating its lack of flexibility.

Double and Triple Stroller

As the name suggests, a double and triple stroller is a stroller that serves as a combination of two or more strollers. Ideally, this stroller comes in use when the configuration of the stroller can offer a seat for two plus one seat for your babies. Look for the best baby product supplier.


In this case, all the strollers are generally side to side in seat placement and can be configured as per two or three babies. Double pram and triple stroller is useful for parents who wish to use an additional seat to keep toys or additional materials.

Double and triple stroller
Source: Pinterest

Advantage: A twin pushchair is beneficial because it allows babies to be next to each other and offers a simple configuration system to adjust as per their needs and comfort. The handle height is adequately designed to offer comfort, and the entire stroller is designed to ensure that it is modular and offers high storage capacity. It is an amazing travel system.

Disadvantage: This kind of stroller may be too big to fit inside a car, making it non-portable. Apart from this, even if the handle height is designed according to comfort, some parents may find it hard to reach their baby from an overhead view, making it difficult for them to be in a good view.

Travel System Stroller

A travel system stroller is a combination of a car seat and a stroller that work together to provide a car seat base for a baby. A travel system stroller is viewed as a perfect set of stroller combinations for babies made to travel alongside parents. You can also buy the best baby playpen.


A travel system stroller is like a pushchair that works with a carrycot and a rear-facing car seat. Both of these can click in and out of the pushchair of the stroller by using the adaptors of the car seat, making this stroller a preferable choice in the market.

Travel system stroller
Source: Amazon

Advantage: A travel system stroller is considered advantageous because of its convenience. The ability to use adapters and adjust the pushchair is a great feature because it allows one to carry a sleeping baby to any other transportation mode without interrupting their sleep. Hence, there is an ease in movement in the case of a travel system stroller.

Disadvantage: The travel system stroller is bulky and quite tricky to get inside and outside of the car due to the size of the stroller. Hence, its inability to fit into spaces serves as a disadvantage.

Factors Justifying the Price of a High-Quality Stroller

The price of a stroller is affected by several factors. When it comes to the baby gear market, choose a brand that is supplied by a reliable pram manufacturer, and implements practical solutions to ensure your baby’s safety. Follow our pram buying guide before making the purchase.


As a result, a high-quality stroller may be expensive – only because it’s good quality is worth the investment and the incentives it offers to the purchaser. After all, anything good comes for a good price. The price is impacted by the below-mentioned factors:

Baby Stroller 2

Brand Name and Brand Exclusive Technology and Materials

When you are buying a high-end stroller for your baby, you are ideally investing in the brand creating the stroller, and without a doubt, you are paying for the brand name. Further, the purchase of a good brand’s high-quality baby stroller also includes the exclusive brand technology (which is usually patented). 


Hence, your investment in a high-quality baby stroller for your baby makes sure that you are providing your baby with a stroller that has been made with proper research, premium materials, and up-to-date technology, which only ensures the quality of the stroller is not compromised. Make sure to buy one from the best stroller manufacturer.


For example, cheap strollers are generally made with low-grade plastic, whereas premium high-quality strollers are lightweight and sturdy due to aluminum or any other high-grade metal. 

Extended Warranty

Every customer prefers to come with a product warranty for their purchase. In any stroller, the warranty offered is a significant price determinator. For high-quality strollers, the warranty offered can go up to three years regarding its parts, frames, and legs. 


A good warrant is significant for any person who wishes to use a stroller long-term for their baby, and hence, a high-quality stroller is an ideal choice. If at all you go for a cheaper stroller, the warranty may range from six months to one year at most. In such a case, your investment may go to waste if this kind of stroller starts causing trouble any time after the short duration of warranty expiration.

Features of the Stroller and Resale Value

A high-quality stroller offers practical design and features like ample storage, light weightiness, compactness, and comfort. Hence, if you want your baby to enjoy all these features in purchasing a single stroller – a high-quality purchase is what you should aim for. 


The price of all high-quality strollers is determined based on the offering of all these features in mind. Further, a high-quality stroller has a good resale value – making your investment profitable in the long run. 

How To Select A Safe Pushchair For Your Baby

Now that you understand the importance of a stroller in your baby’s life, we must also address how you can select the right pushchair or stroller for your child. Read through this stroller buying guide to find some key features or attributes that you must look for while selecting a stroller.



When you are buying a stroller for your baby, it is suggested that you get a stroller that has a sturdy safety belt and a crotch strap to protect your baby from slipping out from the stroller or climbing out of it when your attention is elsewhere. 


You should buy a stroller with buckles on the harness that make it easy for you to operate the stroller but are tougher for the baby’s small hands to unfasten. Ideally, look for straps that can be adjusted based on height to ensure a good fit and safely anchored.


The bigger the wheels of your stroller are, the easier it is to navigate the stroller over rough and bumpy surfaces. On the other hand, loose and misaligned wheels may indicate a chronic stroller problem. Hence, buying wheels that are uniform in size and make steering easier should be a key priority. This is because you will only want wheels that make the usage of the stroller easy and do not end up swiveling again and again.


You must check whether your baby’s stroller has a good parking brake that can be conveniently operated and can lock the stroller’s wheels. This ensures an additional margin of safety when you use the brake to stop the pushchair.

Newborn Friendly

The baby stroller must be baby-friendly – especially in the case of a newborn. If at all you are buying a pushchair for a newborn baby, ensure that the backrest can recline and can transform into a completely flat surface with proper cushioning. The lack of ability to recline in a pushchair indicates that it cannot properly support the newborn’s head and neck.

Footrest or Leg Holes

The baby stroller should have a footrest that runs along with the same seat and shall have leg holes or a footrest that can be closed to ensure that a baby cannot slip from it. A good stroller shall provide leg holes and a footrest that uses fabric shields, mesh, or hinges that can clamp the baby comfortably within the stroller only. If at all the leg holes cannot close, one should rethink the purchasing decision. 

Locking Devices

A pushchair shall contain locking devices that hold it securely when used. In ideal cases, a pushchair is suggested to have two locking devices – one should be the main lock, and one should be the secondary lock. 


The main lock shall be released to collapse the pushchair, whereas the secondary lock shall be activated to prevent the pushchair from collapsing straight away. Further, the locking devices must not be designed in a reachable way for your child, and your baby can get caught up in the locking mechanism. 

Things You Should Consider Before Buying A Stroller

Several attributes may influence your purchasing decision when buying a stroller for your baby. Some of these factors are enumerated as follows:

Stroller 1

Adjustable Handlebar

An adjustable handlebar helps you adjust the stroller as per your height as a parent or caregiver. A baby stroller with a good adjustable handlebar is important as it prevents you from constantly bending and pushing the baby stroller. 

This adds to your ease of use and comfort in operating a baby stroller for your baby and prevents any unnecessary lower back pain and issues. An adjustable handlebar also enhances the baby stroller’s maneuverability. You can also buy a portable high chair for your baby.

Adjustable Canopy

An adjustable canopy becomes extremely crucial to counter sudden weather changes. Whether you are taking your baby out on a bright sunny day or whether you two meet with sudden rainfall or dust storm – an adjustable canopy is vital in countering these conditions. Additionally, the canopy may provide your baby with a quiet space to nap while being out. Therefore, an adjustable canopy can work wonders in escaping troublesome situations.

Storage Space

Having a baby means that you will have to carry out all essential items relevant to taking care of your offspring. These items include but are not limited to pumping supplies, diapers, milk bottles, toys, etc. Hence, you must look out for strollers that offer ample storage for your baby’s necessities. Additionally, if you wish to travel with your baby, you must keep in mind the storage requirements for that use case. 

Washable Fabric

A baby stroller made with removable fabric which can be hand-washed or machine washed is a key feature to look out for. Since babies can dirty their stroller in several ways, you must buy a stroller whose seat can be cleaned to maintain proper hygiene and avoid any infections. Cleaning the frame and the seat is an important activity you will have to take to protect your baby’s health.

Lifestyle Followed

Undoubtedly, the lifestyle you lead and wish to offer your baby shall impact your purchasing decision. You must keep your budget, way of living, and family needs before buying a baby stroller. For example, whether you wish to travel with your baby or whether you wish to expand your family are key life decisions that influence the decision of what kind of baby stroller to buy.

Easy to Use

A baby stroller must offer ease of usage. Refrain from buying strollers that are too heavy to lift or carry around. Further, if your stroller is foldable – ensure that the folding is smooth and not cumbersome. The backrest of the stroller must be easy to set and shall not lead to any issues when it comes to fastening the buckle.


A baby stroller is a necessity in today’s time. Buying a baby stroller is a significant investment, and this vital purchase shall be made keeping in mind all necessary purchasing decisions. A good stroller ensures that you can take care of your baby in outdoor spaces and also provides adequate safety to your baby in an outdoor setting.

Keep in mind all the factors we have mentioned in this how to choose strollers guide to ensure that you make an informed decision while buying a baby stroller. Keep in mind your needs as a parent and your baby’s needs while making this purchase. For more information, contact us today!

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