How to Get the best high chair

Feeding time with babies can be a challenging experience. From flying food and tumbling plates to smears, tears, and mess, the last thing you want is a high chair that gives you more problems rather than helps.


Choosing the right type of high chair will make your feeding more smooth.. It should be safe to use, sturdy, and have all the right features to make the feeding time convenient.


High Chair Safety


However, buying one might be hard and overwhelming, especially for first-time parents. Fortunately, this article is here to provide you with the factors that need to be considered in buying the best high chair for children, all of which are acquired by River Baby’s high chair collections. Let us check them out!


The most common injury involving high chairs is when the baby falls after he tries to stand up, climb in, or get out of the chair. Other severe injuries can result from getting their fingers, toes, or limbs crushed by moving parts or gaps, or choking on quickly detachable tiny parts.


This is the reason why high chairs, when manufactured, need to pass specific standards, like Australian Standard for high chairs (AS 4684:2009) and the European Standard (EN 14988). These standards protect the consumers from faulty products as these titles verify production quality. River Baby high chairs are quality manufactured products that adhere to international standards. 


Look for the Five-Point Harness


The five-point harness means the high chair has a harness with shoulders (2), waist (1), and crotch (2) straps so kids cannot fall or climb out.


The shoulder straps that attach to the seat at shoulder height give more effective movement control than ones that are attached to the back of the waist strap. Another thing, the crotch strap, should be anchored close enough at the back so that the child will not slip through one side. Note that the buckles of the high chair should be easy to release for the parent, but not the child. Also, the harness ought to be non-removable or at least needed a tool to remove it.


River Baby’s high chairs are equipped with a five-harness point feature to ensure that kids have restraint movements, yet they are secured and can sit comfortably while eating.


Check the High Chair Construction


Another thing that needs to be considered in buying high chairs is the construction of the products. Check if the products are sturdy enough to carry the child’s weight. Try to push on the seat and the chairs’ backrest if they squeak, deform, sag, move out of position, or even collapse.


High Chair Stability


Select for high chairs that have legs spreading outwards more than all other parts of the chair – this means that the area of the floor space between the four legs must be greater than the area of the seat. It is tested that perfectly vertical legs are not stable enough.


Large and Adjustable Seat


t would be best and practical to buy larger seats as you can use the chair for some more years. Look for a high chair that can recline the backrest or seat since it is good for younger babies who cannot sit upright for so long. 


Also, there are high chairs that let you adjust their height. Just make sure that the tool for adjusting the height, backrest, or seat, is out of the child’s reach to avoid accidents.


Easy to Clean


Last but not least is look for a high chair that is easy to clean and the seat and tray from food spilling. You need to watch out for crannies in the high chair frame, cushion, or straps where food can be hard to cleanout. Who would want a high chair that can easily get a stain and hard to clean. River Baby high chairs are known to be less maintained when it comes to cleaning, plus they can be folded quickly for storage.


River Baby’s Market-Oriented Baby High Chairs


If you wish to enter the baby gear industry, River Baby is here to be your business partner. Our skilled engineers took into account what our consumers want from top-notch quality high chairs, and these reasons can help you attract them to your business.


Eye-Catching Designs


Through our OEM/ODM service, we design baby high chairs that can draw your target audience’s attention while driving your brand.



Healthy Ergonomic Seating


River Baby’s high chairs have ergonomic features that accommodate the natural shape of an infants’ body for maximum comfort, helping you garner brand loyalty.


Eco-Friendly Materials


We use non-toxic materials that will not harm the environment or children. Since our company centers on the safety of our baby products, we can boost your brand image.


Quality-Oriented Production


Dedicated QC teams go through our production line to ensure our high chairs are in excellent condition, ensuring your capability in meeting customer expectations.


Certified High Chairs


Our baby high chairs comply with the international standards on safety and quality. River Baby’s certified high chairs can be exported to major markets around the globe.


Extensive Customization Services


You can choose to change the size, color, and material of our baby high chair (check the guide here) as well as incorporating your business name and logo to drive your branding efforts.




Cannot get enough of River Baby’s high chair information? Then check out our website to know our services for OEM and ODM manufacturing. Click the link and reach us today!

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