Pram Vs Stroller: What’s The Difference

As of now, whenever parents want to take their newborn outside to walk around a park or go to a picnic, they are using the ideal wheeled baby carriers. The wheeled baby carriers are prams, strollers, buggies, and many more, which are to be used based on the child’s age. However, strollers and prams are the most popular wheeled baby carriers. 


There are many people who think that prams and strollers are the same. However, though there are a few similarities between them, prams and strollers are two different types of carriers.

What Is A Stroller?

Baby Strollers 1

A stroller is a compact folding chair with wheels in which a baby can sit, and you can push it using the handle. It is also known as a pushchair. Strollers generally have an upright seat and are appropriate for kids as young as six months old, particularly those who can sit on their own. 

In general, the majority of strollers are not ideal for newborns. However, some modern strollers produced by a versatile baby stroller supplier retain reclining seats and they are appropriate for newborns, which are known as convertible strollers. Strollers are available in plenty of styles, sizes, and standard designs, including double strollers, wholesale jogging strollers, lightweight strollers, and travel systems.

 Features Of A Stroller:

Adjustable handles: Strollers can have two types of handles: single and linked. Single handles enable small umbrella fold, while a linked handle makes it easy to push with a single hand.

Reversible seat: Several strollers come with reversible and detachable seats which allow you to keep your baby forward or backward.

Frame: It will be light in weight, making it easy for you to handle and also durable enough to give sufficient protection to your child.

Reversible handle: Some of the best strollers possess a reversible handle, making it easy for parents to push through.

Safety harness: The safety harness secures infants in the stroller seat, even while they stare out or curl to their sides. There is a 2-point harness, 3-point harness, 5-point harness, and some harnesses arrive with additional padding.

Front and rear wheel suspension: It makes sure that the brake is initiated on both wheels simultaneously, which makes it easy to use.

Wheels: Most strollers tend to have large wheels, which provide high-end stability but can be difficult when you have to store them.

Benefits Of A Stroller:

It is versatile

Several models have 5-point harnesses for high-end safety

They can fold down easily and are portable

Features built-in seat that crouches lower than the surface

Ideal for multiple purposes

Safety belts (chest, waist, and crotch straps)

Front trays for putting food and bottles

Essential storage space

Drawbacks Of A Stroller:

Some may face problems with steering

It has upright seating, making it incompatible for newborns

They are comparatively expensive

What Is A Pram?


A pram is a traditional baby carriage with a flat recline. As a result, it is perfect for newborn babies as the flat position promotes healthy breathing along with lung and spine development. However, when babies are six months old and can sit straight by themselves, a pram may be inconvenient because it restricts the activity of infants.


The majority of typical prams lack storage space, are difficult to fold, and are not easy to carry. In addition, they are bulky and heavyweight. You can acquire prams made from different materials. Though they are heavy, there are some high-end lightweight prams in the marketplace. 

Features Of A Pram:

Multi-position recline: Some high-end models allow you to recline the backrest with a single-hand squeeze.

Padded seat: The prams have a large padded seating area to deliver the utmost comfort and support for a newborn child.

Wheels: The wheels are flexible and do not wobble much if it is a sturdy model. Solid tires are better for prams than inflatable ones.

Frame: Prams can have different frames, such as an aluminum frame, a steel frame or steel reinforcement, or a powder-coated one.

Canopy: One similarity in buggy vs pram models is that they have a full upper canopy cover to assure that the infant is safeguarded in every weather condition.

Mosquito net: A few models come with a mosquito net to conserve your newborn from bugs and mosquitoes.

Bottle holder: The storage space will have a separate bottle holder where you can keep the infant's feeding bottle.

Benefits Of A Pram:

Has a durable and unique design

Single and double prams are accessible at an affordable price

Sufficient sleeping space for babies to take naps

Pram manufacturer makes models with enough storage area

Protects the baby from direct sun rays and dust

Available in different sizes, designs, and colors

Drawbacks Of A Pram:

It is not portable and occupies too much space

Heavyweight and looks very bulky

It can not move through narrow areas due to the wide with

Can not be folded down, making it difficult to storage

Several models do not have safety belts

What Are The Differences Between A Pram And A Stroller?

2 in 1 Convertible Stroller and Pram
Source: River Baby

From the above details about the stroller vs pram, you may have a slight idea about how different they are compared to each other. In order to make it more clear, we have summarized the primary differences between a pram and a stroller in terms of design, safety, weight, quality management, maximum load capacity, age limit, and other factors.



The prams are designed in such a way that newborns can sleep or simply lay down on the flat cushion. It has a design that looks similar to a wheeled baby carrier which is ideal for newborns and infant babies. As for the position, all prams come with a flat and reclining surface which provides the adequate comfort and support needed for newborns. Even in terms of design, prams look bulky and huger compared to strollers.


Coming to strollers, the baby product suppliers designed them in a way that allows babies to support themselves. In addition, strollers are ideal for only older babies who have the ability to sit upright by themselves.

As for the position, all strollers come with an upright seat, a push handle, and wheels. The design of the wheeled carrier makes it easy for the child to sit straight.



Prams have a standard weight of 10 kg to 15 kg, but depending on the design and style, they can weigh about 18 kg and 20 kg as well. In general, several prams are heavyweight, look bulky, and are not portable. However, some top-notch and lightweight prams weigh as little as 6.5 kg but can hold weight up to 22 kg. In addition to that, the weight limit of the prams can range from 10 kg to 15 kg depending on the model. However, there are some prams that can hold up to 25 kg to 30 kg. Even the lightweight prams come with a maximum load capacity of 10 kg.


In pram vs stroller models comparison, Compared to prams, strollers are light in weight, fold easily, and are easy to carry as well. You can find strollers as light as 4 kg, some weighing about 10 kg, and heavyweight models that weigh around 1 kg or more. The double and triple strollers weigh even more with lightweight models being the only exception.

Generally, out of all the types of strollers, umbrella strollers are the best lightweight models as they have a weight range between 4 kg to 6 kg. All strollers come with a minimum weight capacity of 5 kg, and the maximum load capacity can go up to 20 kg to 25 kg. However, a few high-end strollers for older babies can withstand up to 34 kg as well.

Age Limit


In general, a pram is simply a carrycot on wheels and is suitable for newborns who have to lay on a flat surface. They are constructed for infants, particularly for babies from day one till they become 6 months old.


When it comes to the age limit of strollers, you can not put newborn babies in a stroller. When the infants can hold their heads up by themselves without any support, you can put them in strollers. In short, strollers are ideal for babies around and above six months old.



Coming to the safety of prams, the safety belts and harness does not exist in several prams. Because of that, it can be dangerous if you leave the baby alone without anyone supervising. However, there are some high-end prams that feature harnesses and it is better to acquire those models.

If the newborn baby falls asleep in a pram, make sure to keep an eye on the baby. If not, when the infant squirms in the pram, it may tip over, making the baby fall down. In other cases, it may result in suffocation, or the infant may get caught in the furrows or gaps of the pram.


A decent stroller comes with safety belts and a harness, making it highly safe. There is a 2-point harness, 3-point harness, and 5-point harness, which are considered highly safe for tiny babies as it has two chest straps, two waist straps, and a single crotch strap.

In addition, several strollers come with brakes which you can press while moving as well. They include hand brakes, foot brakes, front-wheel brakes, back wheel brakes, and all-wheel brakes. However, it is better to keep an eye on your child when you put her or him in the stroller.

Known As


A baby pram is also known by another name, which is a baby carriage. It is because of its appearance, which resembles a basket on wheels.


Baby strollers are popular in other names, which are buggy and pushchair. It is due to the appearance of a stroller, which looks similar to a chair on wheels.


As you can see from the above post, it is clear that prams and strollers are not the same and have several differences you can rely on to distinguish them. If you have a recently born baby, a pram is the most suitable, whereas you can get a stroller if you have a baby aged six months or older. 

Also, the features offered by strollers are more than prams, which makes them a little expensive. However, when it comes to safety, nothing can beat the protection provided by the stroller. You can contact professionals to have a look at different types of strollers and other baby-carrying essentials.

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