Best Strollers For Babies And Toddlers 2023 In Indonesia  

While selecting the perfect stroller for a baby can be time-consuming, buying a stroller is simple. Infant safety, dependability, and durability are all factors that parents look for in the things they choose for their infants. There are many possibilities on the market, but because parents are so concerned about their children, they carefully weigh their options before making a purchase. 

With more than twenty million children aged 0 to 4 and a high population of young children, Indonesia has a significant market for baby products, be it baby food, skincare, stroller, etc. Parents are also becoming more health and safety conscious. Retail sales of maternity and newborn products climbed by 8% a year from 2014 to 2018 on average. Indonesia’s baby and maternity market are anticipated to grow in the coming years due to growing consumer power.

So, it is important to have a reliable baby product wholesale manufacturer who provides the quality product that the parent will be happy to invest in. 

You must have seen the best stroller 2021 Indonesia and 2022; now, in this article, you’ll see the best stroller for babies and toddlers in 2023 in Indonesia. 

Chicco Stroller

Chicco Stroller
Source: Chicco

Business Type: Manufacturer 

Year of experience: 60 years

Product Range: Stroller and car seats, Feeding equipment, Crib accessories, Clothes, Toys, Hygiene, and Maternity items

Having retail locations worldwide, Chicco is an Italian maker of children’s apparel and toys with facilities in both China and Italy. With 60 years of operation and a presence in more than 120 nations, it is owned by Artsana. It is a fantastic firm that makes high-quality strollers for every family and price range. It offers a wide range of buggies, including umbrella, double, lightweight, and jogging models. Chicco stroller fold up easily and have extra benefits for mom and dad.

The best safety for your infant when traveling is the car seat. Chicco car seat aids in lowering the possibility of deadly accidental injuries. However, it’s crucial to ensure that car seats are used correctly.

Doona Stroller

Doona Stroller
Source: Doona

Business Type: Manufacturer and Supplier

Year of experience: 11 years

Product Range: Car seat, Stroller, Accessories, and Spare parts

After becoming a parent and experiencing everyday difficulty switching between a car seat and a stroller, Yoav Mazar decided to launch this business. The doona stroller’s main benefit is that it may be left in the car without having to be carried out. It only takes a few seconds to pop the wheels, and one can start rolling. It naturally also contains a break to prevent the entire thing from rolling away from you. A water-repellent canopy with UPF 50+ sun protection and wonderful washable cushions are features of the Doona. For eleven years, Doona has been making the life of parents easier. 

Graco Stroller

Gravo Travel Stroller
Source: Graco

Business Type: Manufacturer and Supplier

Year of experience: 80 years

Product Range: car seats, travel systems, strollers, high chairs, play yards, and baby swings

Based in High Point, North Carolina, Graco is one of the best manufacturers and suppliers of baby items. The company is run and owned by Newell Brands. One can anticipate a lightweight, simple-to-use device whether they choose a single, double, or triple stroller. Graco is also aware of how uncomfortable it can be for parents to push a large, difficult-to-collapse stroller. They’ve gone above and beyond to make the Graco stroller and Graco car seat light and simple to fold.

Baby Jogger Stroller

Baby Jogger city mini stroller
Source: Baby Jogger
  • Business Type: Manufacturer and Supplier
  • Year of experience: 30 years
  • Product Range: Stroller, car seat, high chair, rocker, play yard, stroller accessories. 

Baby jogger manufacturer jogging strollers and all-terrain strollers. It sells strollers, joggers, and accessories, including strollers for urban use and strollers with three wheels for all terrains. Additionally, it provides rain covers and sun protection items for infants and young children. The business offers its goods through local and online retailers, retailers, and dealers domestically and abroad. The Baby Jogger stroller contains three extra-large wheels arranged in a triangle shape to glide over uneven terrain and a suspension system to lessen the effect of jolts on the baby.

Mothercare Stroller

Mothercare pushchair
Source: Mothercare 
  • Business Type: Retailer
  • Year of experience: 61 years
  • Product Range: Stroller, baby furniture, bedding, maternity materials

With its first Mothercare store opening in 1961, Mothercare plc has a long history as a specialized retailer for young kids and parents. They currently have more than one thousand stores across the UK and international companies in more than 50 countries. Mothercare stroller are incredibly lightweight stroller and simple to transport. They also feature excellent wheel suspension and are strong in all conditions.

Hauck Stroller

Hauck Pushchair
Source: Hauck
  • Business Type: Manufacturer and Supplier
  • Year of experience: 90 years
  • Product Range: Stroller, Pushchair, bike trailer, accessories

One of the global leaders in strollers and infant gear is the Hauck Group. Since it began as a modest family firm more than 90 years ago, this company has worked with parents for years. Parents can pick from a wide range of Hauck stroller sets and accessories. Some strollers come as duo sets with a sturdy frame, seat assembly, and carrycot. 


Babyzen double stroller
Source: Babyzen
  • Business Type: Manufacturer and Supplier
  • Year of experience: 10 years
  • Product Range: Stroller, accessories

BABYZEN released the first innovative ultra-compact YOYO stroller in 2012. When it was originally released, it immediately became popular. It was advertised as the first stroller to fold up so little that you could store it in an airplane’s overhead compartment. Babyzen Stroller is as cool looking as it is lightweight, and one can carry it over the shoulder; it unfolds and folds swiftly and is simple to store.

Joolz Stroller

Joolz Stroller
Source: Joolz
  • Business Type: Manufacturer and Supplier
  • Year of experience: 15 years
  • Product Range: Strollers, accessories, and spare parts

Joolz, a rapidly expanding Dutch business based in Amsterdam, debuted its first pushchair product in 2007. The Joolz Stroller is small, light, trendy, and contemporary. It is surprisingly strong and durable and is equally helpful in the city and the countryside. As a purchase for a daily buggy, it is unquestionably worthwhile.

UPPAbaby Stroller

UPPAbaby Vista stroller
Source: UPPAbaby

Business Type: Supplier

Year of experience: 18 years

Product Range: Stroller, Car seats, In-home, Accessories

The luxurious UPPAbaby stroller includes many features, such as a baby cradle for newborns, a large under-seat storage area, a retractable handlebar, and a unique suspension system for a comfortable ride. When the infant is old enough to leave the bassinet, parents can install an UPPAbaby rear-facing car seat. They may also use an UPPAbaby PiggyBack Ride-Along Board or UPPAbaby Rumble Seat V2 to convert the Vista V2 into a twin stroller. With the Rumble Seat attached, the stroller can accommodate 35 pounds and up to fifty pounds in the primary seat.

Mockingbird Stroller

Mockingbird Stroller
Source: Mockingbird

Business Type: Manufacturer and seller

Year of experience: 3 years

Product Range: Stroller, hand muff, mosquito net, car seat adapter, footmuff, and rain cover

Mockingbird is a relatively new company that creates online platforms for baby items to provide customizable strollers and a range of associated accessories. The business platform focuses on providing strollers independently approved by the JPMA and meeting the necessary safety criteria across all dimensions. It makes it possible for parents to acquire luxury designs and materials affordably. The Mockingbird stroller provides an incredibly comfortable ride for the infant and the person carrying it.

Ideal Baby Stroller Supplier In China – River Baby

Lightweight Stroller
Source: River Baby
  • Business Type: Manufacturer and supplier
  • Year of experience: 8 years
  • Product Range: Stroller, high chair, bouncer, playpen, car seat, walker, accessory

River Baby is your perfect partner when it comes to baby stroller OEM that are tailored to your unique requirements with full supply chain integration for faster and effective sourcing and unsurpassed quality. Their 12,000-square-foot plant is situated in Zhongshan and has two fully automated manufacturing lines that can produce up to 500 pieces daily.

Since entering the baby sector in 2003, Iceman Tan’s goal has been to offer customers solutions for trustworthy and secure baby products.

Their goal is to create an integrated supply chain that customers can rely on for personalized baby items. The child’s safety is a priority for parents while shopping for baby equipment, including strollers, car seats, playpens, and other accessories. 

Here, River Baby serves as a trusted one-stop shop for baby products. The quality of their products establishes their reputation. Its integrated supply chain structure makes sure to meet your demands, whether you need a small quantity or a large order of baby items. Product customization is also easy because of the company’s R&D expertise and integrated supplier network.

 River Baby has years of experience in the baby product industry and can provide the best goods. As one of the best stroller in 2020, Indonesia, and the consequent years, they promise to create the greatest and most cutting-edge baby items in our facilities because they have demonstrated experience in the field.


These are some of the best strollers for babies in 2023. There are several things that parents need to take care of when the child is born. A baby stroller is an essential item that parents purchase for their newborns. This mobile cradle is crucial when parents are driving or strolling with their infant. 

That is why it becomes important that you provide the best products to your customers. In this field, same as the best stroller in 2020 Indonesia, 2021, 2022, and 2023 is RiverBaby. One can be assured of the high quality, and you can contact us if you want to partner up and provide your customers with the best stroller and baby products in the market. 

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