Best 4 European Stroller Brands

The stroller is used to carry a baby, so it is vital to consider buying from the best stroller brand in Europe that meets the quality criteria.

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We can not reiterate enough the significance of owning a baby stroller. There are plenty of benefits of having a stroller: it carries your baby safely, gives extra storage space for baby food and other essentials, helps the baby get fresh air, protects the child from direct sunlight and dust, offers utmost convenience while taking care of the baby, and you can carry it easily due to lightweight feature


As the demand for strollers is rising, numerous manufacturers have started producing different types of strollers that vary in minute detail. While buying a stroller, you have to ensure that you are acquiring a durable model from a reputed brand. You can know more about the leading baby stroller brand by checking out the best European baby stroller brand or brands in the USA or brands in the USA.

List of the Best European Baby Stroller Brands

Check out the brief list of the top four European baby stroller brands

Top 4 European Stroller Brands

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There are many European baby stroller suppliers. In order to acquire the best wholesale stroller in Europe, make sure to pick the brand that is prominent for producing decent quality and reliable products.

1. Baby Style Oyster & Egg

Baby Style Logo

Business Type: Manufacturer and Supplier of Baby Strollers & Prams

Location: Leicestershire, UK

Year Founded: 1999

Certificates: All current European safety standards


Born in Britain and still family owned, Babystyle work tirelessly with the very best designers and manufacturers across the globe. Consumers consider Baby Style Egg & Oyster pram series to be the best, and because of their affordable rates, more and more people can afford the same. It is currently the top favorite of people in Britain, and consumers are after buying baby prams from this brand only. With cutting-edge design, the company suplies top-quality strollers and offers great value for money spent. With the young hip crowd, baby british stroller brands from Oyster & Egg series are trendy. Their egg2® offers confidence, vogue and exceptional ease of use for new parents.


This company is prominent for its new ideas in the areas of newborn care and gadgets, which are constantly of premium quality. In addition to that, it is one of the oldest and most popular brands in UK. The Oyster & Egg series fulfills all European safety regulations and matches the expectations of parents. 

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2. Cybex

cybex logo
Source: Cybex

Business Type: Baby Stroller Manufacturing, Car Seat Manufacturer, and Other Baby Products 

Locations: Kulmbach, and Bayreuth and Prague 

Years Founded: 2005


Here is another oldest European stroller brand which was started in 2005. It is also one of the decent European baby stroller supplier that manufacture strollers in various models. 

With their long-term and high-end experience in producing strollers, they manufacture decent quality, durable, and aesthetic strollers. It is a Hongkong-based company and has customers in several European countries. This brand uses the best quality fabric to make strollers in new and functional designs. 

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Mast Logo
Source: MAST

Business Type: Distribute and Produce Baby Strollers, Bouncers 

Headquarters: Swiss, Europe 

Main Markets: Germany, Britain, and neighboring European Countries  


MAST is a young and innovative brand that addresses parents’ needs for quality, practical functionality and design. MAST is a brand owned by Haltho AG, a Swiss company founded by Thomas and Alessandro to distribute and produce baby products.

Their M.2 buggy and M.4 stroller were developed and have quickly become a success in the whole European area. At Mast, they only produce high quality baby stroller products with customers’ safty at the forefront of mind. Their product has been manufactured in accordance woth all current European safety standards which are applicable to this product.

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4. Bugaboo

Bugaboo Logo
Source: Bugaboo

Business Type: Baby Stroller Manufacturing, Baby Travel Cot Manufacturing, And Car Seat Supplier 

Headquarters: Paasheuvelweg 9Ab Amsterdam Zuidoost, 1105 BE Netherlands 

Main Markets: Netherlands and Other European Countries

Years of Experience: 23+ years of experience 

Awards and Certificates: N/A 


Bugaboo is another popular name that is known widely in European countries for its baby strollers. It was started in 1999 and has been manufacturing strollers, travel cots, and car seats for babies in innovative and new designs that are convenient for both parents and infants. 


This brand uses premium quality materials to make durable and lightweight strollers. Their experts have spent endless time finding ways so that the new designs do not seem too complicated. This brand offers a double warranty period on baby strollers and provides a 100-day money-back guarantee.

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How To Source Best Quality Baby Stroller From China

Are you looking for a brand that can provide decent quality baby strollers and double pram travel system models at a reasonable rate with various designs to select from? In that case, we have included one such brand that meets all the requirements. 

River Baby

River Baby Logo
Source: River Baby

Business Type: Baby Stroller Manufacturing, Baby Car Seat Manufacturer, High Chair Manufacturing, and Other Baby Products 

Headquarters: 2A-25 Yuan Fang Business Square. No. 95 Tongle Street, Dongsheng Town, Zhongshan 

Main Markets: China and Worldwide

Years of Experience: 19+ years of experience 

Certificates: ISO 9001, OEKO-TEX, and BSCI. 


In 2003, River Baby was established and the headquarters are located in the Zhongshan region of China. It retains production factories that spread across 12,000 square feet. This umbrella stroller manufacturer can easily finalize around 500 units daily as it has automated production lines. Baby strollers and other products manufactured by River Baby have BSCI and ISO certifications. 


River Baby is not only a top-notch stroller and pram manufacturer in China, but its customer base and product demand are also high in other countries. This brand keeps up with the up-to-date International market regulation and rules to ensure the best quality products. In addition to that, they arrange detailed quality control measures in their factories and supervise the production processes.  

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Understanding the need for sturdy and high-quality strollers for carrying babies, we have provided you with the list of best brands in Europe. This list can help you select the ideal stroller brand and deters you from acquiring products from a low-quality brand. You can contact us for further details about the strollers. 

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