Top 5 Baby Stroller Manufacturers In Australia

Knowing the importance of strollers, it is crucial for brands to produce sturdy and high-quality products. Here are the best baby stroller Australian-based manufacturers.

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Having a stroller is relatively vital when you have a toddler in your house. When you want to take your baby outside, scroll around a children’s park, or go shopping, a stroller will be your all-purpose solution. The stroller helps you carry the child securely, safely, and you can constantly keep an eye on your baby all the time.

The baby strollers are accessible in various sizes, colors, and are made from different materials as well. Apart from the regular single baby stroller, you can acquire twin baby and triplet baby strollers, which allows you to look after more than one child at a time. If you are interested to learn about the best baby stroller manufacturer, then visit River Baby.

List of the Best Baby Stroller Manufacturers In Australia

Double Stroller
Source: River Baby

Take a look at this top 5 Australia based baby stroller supplier list:

List of the Best Baby Stroller Manufacturers In Australia

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Source: River Baby

Curating this list of the top baby stroller manufacturers is not that easy. It is because of the numerous aspects we consider to determine the best stroller Australia has, such as material, stroller quality, sturdiness, maintenance, and other additional features.

1. Babybee

Baby Bee Logo
Source: Cuteably

Type of Business: Manufacturers of all baby products, especially prams.

Location (Headquarters): Australia

Years of Experience: N/A  

Awards and Certificates: N/A 


Babybee is one of the best and top-notch Australian manufacturers that produces high-quality baby strollers. This brand searches for new methods to make their strollers and other baby products more sturdy, light in weight, smarter, and easy to use. They have double and triple strollers, which are designed specifically for carrying two and three babies simultaneously. 

This brand always comes up with the latest technology to provide extreme convenience for parents and safety for the child. In addition to that, this manufacturer produces strollers in different models with sleek design, modern look, and sophisticated style.

Key Products

2. Love N Care

Love n Care Logo
Source: Love N Care

Business Type: Baby Stroller Manufacturing, Baby Pram Manufacturing, and Other Baby Products 

Headquarters: Australia 

Main Markets: Australia and neighboring countries 

Founded Year: 1987 


Love N Care brand was started in 1987 with a goal to provide the best strollers for Australian parents. Since then, this manufacturer has been a quality producer of several designs of strollers suitable for all babies. One best thing is that they provide in-person demos about how to use the strollers. 

In addition to that, you can also purchase stroller and pram bundles. This manufacturer maintains a team of professional designers who will personally design and produce the baby strollers. Aside from strollers, they have a long list of baby products and essentials you can select from.

Key Products

3. redsbaby

redsbaby logo
Source: Valco Baby

Business Type: Baby Prams Manufacturing, Home Essential Manufacturing, and Other Accessories 

Headquarters: Australia  

Founded Year: 2013 

Awards and Certificates: N/A 

Here is one of the leading manufacturers of baby strollers and prams in Australia. Redsbaby was established in 2013 and has been a high-end brand in Australia. Their primary focus is on safety, quality, and innovation while manufacturing lightweight baby products

Redsbaby is an Australian family-owned business from all walks of life. Taking deep pride in advocating Australian design, each detail of their products are throughtfully considered for their unique and diverse lifestyle. Designed for Australia, their prams has UPF50+ protection and weather-ready. 

Key Products

4. Little Lou Baby

Little Lou Baby Logo
Source: Little Lou Baby

Business Type: Baby Stroller and Pram Manufacturing, Baby and Toddler Chair Manufacturing, and Other Baby Products 

Headquarters: Level 34, 1 Eagle St Brisbane, QLD, 4000 ABN 23 218 518 029 

Main Markets: Australia and Other Countries

Years of Experience: 5+ years of experience 

Awards and Certificates: 2022 Winner (Product Review) 


Little Lou Baby was started in 2017 and became one of the favorite brands of several people. It is because they offer free shipping services and follow worldwide safety standards. In addition to that, they provide free accessories depending on your purchase. Products produced by this stroller and pram manufacturer come with a 24-month warranty, and they offer 30 day free returns.


They use premium quality, durable, and soft materials to manufacture baby strollers, prams, chairs, and baby cots so that the products will be safe and reliable. Some high chairs are switchable, and you can alter the height. Also, there are convertible baby cots as well.

Key Products

5. Valco Baby

valcobaby logo
Source: valcobaby

Business Type: Baby Stroller Manufacturing, Home Essential Manufacturing, and Other Accessories 

Headquarters: 323 Warrigal Road, Cheltenham, VIC, 3192  

Main Markets: Australia, India, and the USA  

Years of Experience: 57+ years of experience 

Awards and Certificates: N/A

As an australian brand, they have been designing baby products for almost 50 years with a focus on quality, safety and innovation. Many of their prams are dynamic and can evolve with family needs. This baby product supplier produces various products, such as strollers, prams, bassinets, travel bags, attachments, and more. 

They provide baby strollers for single and two, the Trend series is ideal for today’s mobile yrban lufestyle. Whether for travel, famility trips, in and out of the car or a just leisurely stroll, Trend series is fit for family needs.

Key Products

How To Source Best Quality Baby Stroller From China

Several baby stroller manufacturers from China deliver strollers at a reasonable rate. Though they are accessible at an affordable price, they are prepared with high-quality materials, sturdy, and carry the baby safely. They also consider the baby stroller oem and quality management. 

River Baby

River Baby Logo
Source: River Baby

Headquarters: 2A-25 Yuan Fang Business Square. No.95 Tongle Street, Dongsheng Town, Zhongshan 

Main Markets: China and Worldwide

Years of Experience: 19+ years of experience 

Certificates: ISO 9001, BSCI, and OEKO-TEX


River Baby was inaugurated in 2003, with its headquarters in the Zhongshan region of China. It is a leading manufacturer in the Chinese market and also exports baby products to various countries. This brand has 12,000 square feet manufacturing houses and two automated production lines that can finish about 500 units every day.


This brand retains numerous workshops for product management, engineering, and storage management for quick manufacturing. It produces baby products that meet the ISO and BSCI certifications, and they provide the best quality and most reliable strollers at an affordable cost.

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We have listed one of the best manufacturers that are known for producing the best quality and highly durable strollers in Australia. River Baby, as a reliable and professional baby products supplier, has years of experience in manufactruing high-quality strollers and supplying custom service accordinmg to cilents needs. For more information,  contact our experts.  

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