Top 10 Best Double Tandem Strollers for Newborns and Toddlers  

Moving with very young children can be tasking, especially for mothers with two kids. Asides that double strollers (otherwise known as double prams) helping in moving two babies at a time, they also prevent kids from disturbing each other as their spaces will be different.

Considering the unique needs of parents, manufacturers offer baby strollers OEM services, providing customized prams that are designed to grow with the kids. This makes buying reliable double strollers a good investment.

But with a wide variety of good double strollers for toddlers and infants on the market, ranging from extremely functional to versatile options, finding the right fit can be an overwhelming adventure, to say the least. Hence, after doing thorough research and examining parents’ feedback, we’ve prepared this list of the best tandem strollers for two kids.

Best Double Tandem Strollers

Twin Baby Stroller
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When it comes to choosing the best double tandem strollers for newborns and toddlers, it’s quite popular that both retailers and parents get confused as there are many competing options. In lieu of this, here’s a well-collated list of the best double strollers for newborns and toddlers available on the market.

River Baby Double Inline Baby Stroller RDS018

River Baby Double Inline Baby Stroller RDS018
Source: River Baby

This is the best double inline stroller for two kids. It features an aluminum frame with a black coating, a 300D solid fabric, and reversible seats that allows easy movement and comfort. Thanks to its 3-position backrest and removable front bar that’s made with PU and fabric, the kids get to enjoy unmatched comfort as they will rest happily and be protected from sun rays during outdoor transit.

The River Baby Double Inline Baby Stroller has a one-step fold design, making it easy to collapse and store when not in use, as well as a large basket for storing essentials and snacks for babies.

In addition to complying with the ASTM safety standards, this double stroller comes with an adjustable 5-point harness, an adjustable footrest, and an adjustable handlebar.


  • Strong and versatile wheels suitable for both slow and fast movement
  • Dual-purpose front bar
  • Three positions of the backrest
  • Adjustable footrest for improved comfortability
  • Easy to fold and store when, not in use

UPPAbaby Vista Double Stroller

UPPAbaby Vista Double Stroller
Source: Amazon

This is one of the best tandem strollers that can accommodate two children of different ages and stages, with the ability to add a second seat, a piggyback ride-along board, or a standing platform for an older child.

One of the outstanding features of the UPPAbaby Vista Double Stroller is its ability to convert from a single to a double stroller. This allows parents to easily switch between using the stroller for one child or two, depending on their needs. The double pushchair also comes with a built-in piggyback ride-along board, which provides older children with a safe and secure platform to stand on while riding.

Additionally, it can be configured in several seating options, including facing forward, facing backward, and even reclining for napping.


  • Can convert from a single to a double stroller
  • Adjustable five-point harness
  • Adjustable footrest and calf support
  • UPF 50+ canopy to protect children from the sun
  • A leather-wrapped handlebar for added comfort and style

River Baby Stroller RDS002

River Baby Stroller RDS002
Source: River Baby

The RDS002 baby stroller has more than 20 configuration options. It’s one of the best strollers for two kids and even triplets as it can be converted from a double pram to a triplet pram. It comes with an adjustable, telescopic handle with a foam grip for improved comfort while pushing the stroller, as well as a large storage basket to hold all of your essentials.

The RDS002 also offers a smooth and easy ride for babies and parents thanks to its front suspension system and large, air-filled tires. This stroller can handle the roughest terrain and make it easy for you to navigate through the city, parks, or nature trails.

Another feature that sets this double pushchair apart is its adjustable seat that can be reclined to multiple positions, providing the ultimate comfort for the kids, even when they’re sleeping.


  • Suitable for children from 0 to 36 months (22 kg)
  • 5-points harness with adjustable footrest
  • Convertible to a travel system
  • Adjustable canopy to protect from sun and wind

Numa Demi Grow Double Stroller

Numa Demi Grow Double Stroller
Source: Strolleria

The Nuna Demi Grow Double Stroller has a bassinet attachment for infants, which can be easily removed as the child grows. Also, it features a reclining seat and adjustable footrest, allowing the children to recline and rest comfortably.

Another great feature of the double stroller is its all-terrain wheels. The wheels of this best double stroller are designed to provide a smooth ride on any surface, making it easy to navigate through the city or on a nature trail. The stroller also has an adjustable handlebar, allowing parents of different heights to comfortably push the stroller.

The twin pram also has a variety of storage options, which includes a large storage basket, as well as a parent tray with a cup holder and a zippered compartment for storing essentials like keys, phone, and wallet. It comes with a removable child tray, making it easy for children to access their snacks and toys.


  • The narrow, tandem style
  • Can accommodate one or two children, with the ability to convert from a single stroller to a double stroller
  • Accommodates children from birth to 50 pounds
  • Five-point harness for safety
  • Adjustable calf support for extra support and comfort.

Joovy Caboose Ultralight Graphite Stroller

Joovy Caboose Ultralight Graphite Stroller
Source: Amazon

This is a lightweight double stroller that provides an additional option for parents who have given up on strollers because of the weight. This stroller weighs only 11 pounds and is designed to accommodate both an older child who can stand on the back platform, as well as a younger child who can sit in the front seat. Despite its lightweight, it has a strong rear platform that can support up to 90 pounds, allowing older children to stand and ride.

This Joovy lightweight double stroller has a compact design that’s easy to maneuver, navigate tight spaces, and fit perfectly into most cars. It comes with a three-position front seat that reclines for added comfort for younger children and a canopy that provides protection from the sun and wind. With the features it has, it is perfect for taking on the go, traveling, or even running errands.


  • Extremely lightweight, easy to push and maneuver
  • Can accommodate both an older child and a younger child
  • Includes canopy and additional canopy for rear platform
  • Large storage tray and universal car seat adapter
  • Compact fold for easy storage and transportation.

Contours Options Elite Tandem Stroller

Contours Options Elite Tandem Stroller
Source: Amazon

The Contours Options Elite Tandem Stroller is a stylish and functional option that’s ideal for parents with twins, or an infant and toddler. It can also accommodate two children of different ages and sizes, making it a great choice for parents with a toddler and an infant, or even two toddlers.

One of the standout features of this best infant twin stroller is its ability to convert into a variety of configurations. The stroller can be used as a traditional tandem stroller, with one child sitting in front of the other, or it can be converted into a single stroller with the rear seat removed. The stroller can also be converted into a traditional single stroller with the front seat removed. At the same time, it can be converted into a travel system by adding an infant car seat to the front seat.


  • Adjustable handlebar for comfort
  • Five-point harness for added safety
  • Foot-activated rear brake
  • Large storage basket and cup holders for parents
  • Canopy and peek-a-boo window for sun protection and child monitoring

Britax B-Ready G3 Stroller

Britax B Ready G3 Stroller
Source: Amazon

The Britax B-Ready G3 Stroller is a versatile and durable stroller that is designed to meet the needs of growing families. With its sleek and modern design, this stroller is perfect for parents who want a high-quality stroller that can adapt to their changing needs.

One of the standout features of this stroller is its ability to accommodate multiple children. The stroller can be configured in a variety of ways, including as a single stroller, double stroller, and even a triple stroller with the use of additional accessories. This single, double, and triple pram easily converts into a tandem to cater to the needs of the family.

Another key feature of the Britax B-Ready G3 Stroller is its ability to recline to multiple positions. This allows parents to adjust the seat to the ideal angle for children, whether they are sleeping or awake. The seat can also be adjusted to face forward or backward, giving parents the flexibility to choose the best position for their kids.

Furthermore, it comes with a large storage basket that provides ample space for all of a parent’s essentials. The stroller also has a cup holder for parents and a child tray for holding snacks and toys.


  • Accommodates multiple children
  • Reclines to multiple positions
  • Cup holder and child tray
  • Five-point harness and large canopy
  • One-step fold design

Evenflo Modular Travel System

Evenflo Modular Travel System
Source: Amazon

This is definitely one of the best travel stroller systems for parents on the go. It features a modular design that allows for easy conversion between a traditional stroller, a travel system with a car seat, and a baby carrier.

One of the key features of the Evenflo Modular Travel Stroller is its ability to easily switch between modes. The stroller can be converted into a travel system with the included car seat, which can be securely attached to the stroller frame with a single click. The car seat can also be used on its own as a carrier for newborns. Additionally, the stroller can be converted into a baby carrier, allowing parents to comfortably and securely carry their little one on their front or back.

Another great feature of this double stroller is its compact and lightweight design (more double stroller features explain here ). It can be easily folded up and transported, making it perfect for travel or for storage in small spaces. The stroller also has a convenient storage compartment, allowing parents to keep essentials like diapers, wipes, and bottles within easy reach.


  • Versatile and convenient design that can be converted between a traditional stroller, a travel system with a car seat, and a baby carrier
  • Five-point harness for added security
  • Multiple recline positions for added comfort
  • Adjustable seat for added comfort

Graco DuoGlider Click Connect Double Stroller

Graco DuoGlider Click Connect Double Stroller
Source: Walmart

This is an inexpensive double stroller for families with two young children. It’s highly-rated as one of the best side-by-side double strollers as its design allows both children to sit comfortably and be easily accessible to the parent.

One of the standout features of the Graco DuoGlider is its Click Connect technology, which allows for easy and secure attachment of Graco Click Connect infant car seats. This means parents can easily move their infants from the car to the stroller without disturbing them or having to take them out of the car seat.

The stroller has a number of other convenient features, including reclining seats with individual canopies to protect from the sun, a parent tray with a cup holder and storage compartment for keys, phone, and other small items, a canopy with a peek-a-boo window to keep an eye on your kids, a five-point harness for added safety, and many more


  • Easy attachment of Graco Click Connect infant car seats
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • One-hand fold design
  • Lockable front-swivel wheel

Chicco Cortina Together Double Stroller

Chicco Cortina Together Double Stroller
Source: Amazon

The Chicco Cortina Together Double Stroller is a versatile and convenient option for infant twins. The stroller features a side-by-side design, allowing both children to sit comfortably and interact with each other.

This twin pushchair has two reclining seats with independent canopies and footrests, as well as 5-point harnesses for added safety. With its side-by-side design, all-wheel suspension, and ability to accept infant car seats, it offers a smooth and safe ride for both children. Additionally, its one-hand fold and large storage basket make it easy to transport and store.

Furthermore, the storage basket is quite big that it can contain a diaper bag and other baby stuff. Parents can also use it for storing their mobile devices and water bottles.


  • Provides a comfortable and interactive ride for both children
  • Smooth ride with all-wheel suspension
  • Convenient storage and parent tray with cup holder
  • Easy to fold and transport
  • Can be used with infant car seats for added versatility

A Trusted Baby Double Stroller Supplier in China – River Baby

River Baby logo
Source: River Baby

Serving as a one-stop supplier of a wide range of baby products, such as strollers, high chairs, bouncers, playpens, cradles, cribs, car seats, walkers, etc., River Baby aims to facilitate parenthood and your business by catering to various baby product wholesale needs. Having the best R&D team with the vision to provide world-class baby products to give kids the best growing-up experience, we constantly improve and manufacture premium baby products to meet our clients’ demands.

Thanks to our unmatched expertise in manufacturing double strollers, we use state-of-the-art technologies to produce the best and most reliable twin prams that are used to convey kids conveniently with no hassle. We put emphasis on quality because we know they are essential to the well-being of the kids and to your business’s success. And to further certify the reliability of our products, we adhere strictly to regulatory organizations, like the EN, AS/NZS. ASTM, and CCC.

Our capabilities extend to making OEM and custom twin pushchair designs that are unique to each child’s needs. And utilizing our years of experience, we offer several value-added services, such as recommending the best double stroller for your demands and marketing styles to help upscale your business.


Parents with twins or newborns and toddlers are always in search of safe and healthy ways to move their kids around, which necessitates the need for baby double strollers. There are many types on the market as they usually come in different designs and styles, as well as varied applications.

Above, we’ve highlighted the 10 best double tandem strollers for newborns and toddlers, discussing their various features and benefits in order to help you make an informed buying decision. You can contact us to learn more about baby double strollers.

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