An Interesting History Of Baby Stroller

Carrying a cranky baby while going for stroll can be high risk. What if your kid starts crying in the middle of your stroll or what if he starts ruining your hair for the sake of his entertainment or worse out of all cases, you come back from your stroll to a broken shoulder and two painful arms. No way… that’s too much of a risk. But then there’s always a solution to such petty (HUGE) baby problems. For instance, putting that tiny monster in a aby stroller and pushing those wheels in peace. Thank God for baby strollers.


Speaking of which, have you ever thought about who the genius came up with its idea? Maybe it was a poor, tired parent who wanted to run errands with his kid. Or it could be an old nanny who couldn’t pick up a chubby, healthy child. Whatever the case might be, knowing about the history of your favorite things in the world can be quite interesting. That’s how we came up with this article, briefing the history of the most-loved baby product of all parents out there. Mommies and daddies, here you have the intriguing history and evolution of baby strollers.


Evolution of Baby Stroller: 


Below are the different types and designs of baby strollers which were a high demanded baby product of their era. 


  1. The William Kent Baby Stroller: 

The first baby stroller came into by a landscape architect William Kent. The Duke of Devonshire of that time asked William Kent to design a baby carriage for his children that he could easily use while traveling. After William Kent’s invention got recognized by the other dukes and nobles of the state, it became a symbol of luxury among the rich. These strollers were a lot different from what we have today in terms of material and weight. Another interesting fact about this stroller was that it had no wheels and used to be pulled by ponies, goats, and other such domestic animals.


  1. The Crandall Baby Stroller: 

A century later, the baby stroller design was modified and could be pushed rather than pulled by animals. This design was put forward by Benjamin Potter Crandall but did not gain acceptance by the parent-baby community and instantly got rejected. It was some years later that his son Jesse Amour Crandall came up with a new modification with brake, parasols, and accessories. This design could’ve been rejected if it wasn’t for Queen Victoria who purchased 3 strollers from Crandall. This way the Crandall baby stroller became the new talk of the market. 


  1. Charles Burton’s “Perambulator” Stroller:

During the 19th century, the next big development in baby stroller design was made. This development was done by Charles Burton who created the first pram in history. Baby strollers are called prams in England. The term ‘pram’ is short for ‘Perambulator’. Burton’s stroller differed from the above in terms of design, the three-wheel push technology, and its capacity. The design had a wide couch-like structure with a handle at the back for pushing and of course the three large wheels. This design was pretty spacious and could easily carry up to two healthy babies. Many people of that time used the perambulator despite their unlikeliness towards it caused due to uncontrollable wheels. The sales of this perambulator increased and even crossed borders when members of England’s royal family started using this. 


  1. Richardson’s Version of Perambulator: 

When the hype of this perambulator crossed borders, it reached America, where an Afro-American decided to modify it furthermore. William H.Richardson modified the pram by adding accessories such as parasols and flexibly movable wheels. He enhanced the design by adding the front and rear-facing technology that allowed parents to keep an eye on their child while pushing the stroller. This stroller was actually a huge success and gained lots of fame organically, without any promotion or referrals. 


  1. The Twin Stroller: 

The next big modification in baby strollers turned out to be an innovation of a twin stroller. The idea of a twin stroller is implemented to date for accommodating twins. IT was in the late 19th century that many businesses started to add this stroller in their stores. What actually looked like a long trolley was a stroller that had double seats vertically. It was ideal for twins but some people objected to this idea and said that it was too heavy to be pushed by a single person.


  1. The Foldable Umbrella Stroller: 

The last modification in the above innovation proved to be the base for today’s strollers. This modified stroller had a foldable aluminum body that was lightweight and easily pushable. It was designed by the 60’s avionic engineers and designers. This stroller had an umbrella in replacement of the parasols and shorter wheels than all the above strollers. Their most catchy feature was the colors used in them since all the rest of the strollers did not have any prominent colors on the frame or body. This one was eye-catching in appearance and was approved by parents as well as children. At first, this stroller was considered to be an item for the elite class, but then as further modifications were made, the product was made available as a needed item, rather than a luxury item. 




Now that you know the history of strollers and how the very first stroller was made, you must be thankful for this product and the innovators who made your lives a hundred times easier. Now only if they invented something in which your baby could fall asleep within seconds, a cot maybe, or a sleeping chair that could dispose of sleeping gas.

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