Baby Stroller Safety: How We Test Baby Strollers For Safety

Strollers, without a doubt, make parenting easier on a daily basis. As someone adjusts to being a new parent, it’s a terrific way to offer that extra bit of comfort and convenience. Simply said, having a stroller on hand when a parent needs to leave the house will save them a lot of time, add to the comfort of the baby, and also be a massive relief for the parent. But it all depends on the choice of the double pram. Parents should look for the safest wholesale baby strollers, and here’s how they should test them for safety.

Why Do We Need To Test Baby Stroller?

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Without question, strollers are convenient devices for parents who need to go around with their infants or toddlers. Parents now take strollers with them whenever they go for a walk or a shopping trip. Strollers are now sold by numerous brands, and they come in a variety of models. These buggies may offer a variety of features and be made to varying quality standards. No matter whatever stroller a parent chooses for their child, they must be concerned with the stroller’s safety features.

Any stroller should prioritize baby stroller safety. Babies are, after all, delicate beings. Unless a stroller has been guaranteed to ensure safety for the infant, it shouldn’t matter how attractive it is. To prevent injuries and mishaps while out and about with a baby, it is essential to be knowledgeable about stroller safety. Consider a vehicle with a solid chassis, a broad base, good brakes, and easy steering. Never overfill the stroller, and never leave your child within it unsupervised.

Quality Inspection And Testing For Safest Baby Strollers 

Parents or buyers should conduct the tests below to ensure the baby stroller’s safety. All River Baby strollers are tested to cater to international quality standards. We conduct the following quality inspections and tests.

1. Test The Brakes

River Baby stroller brake testing
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The stroller’s brakes should be engaged just as they would be in a parking lot. Every time you stop or idle, it’s highly advised to engage them. The finest brakes to choose are those with locking mechanisms built into the wheels instead of those that employ pressure. When purchasing, give them a test run; they need to be simple, even with flip-flops. The location of the brake lever is another thing to look out for. Poorly made strollers might have one seated up front, within reach of an older child. Make sure the toddler can’t reach it by checking.

A baby product company such as the River Baby Group, ensures that baby devices operate as intended when the brakes are applied. It also increases the dependability and use of their strollers and other items.

2. Lock Test

The safest baby strollers need two locking mechanisms to be firmly in place while in use. The secondary lock should be engaged to prevent the baby strollers from collapsing immediately after the primary lock has been removed to allow for collapse. There shouldn’t be any places where the child’s fingers could get entangled in the collapsing mechanism. Strollers for babies should always be raised and lowered carefully, keeping the infant well away from the action. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations when unfolding and compressing the baby stroller and keep the youngster out.

3. Vibration Test

River Baby stroller vibration testing
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A safety harness is necessary for babies riding in strollers or cradles. As a result, he won’t topple over or fall out when the baby stroller is being maneuvered up or down. A five-point safety harness is preferable to a three-point one when choosing the safest baby strollers. In River Baby, we put our baby strollers under the frequency of vibration after 14,200 times, following international transport standard 1A to see if there is no structural or functional failure. That ensures the durability of our products and their continued functionality. 

4. Stability Test

River Baby stroller stability testing
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Examine the stroller’s stability before buying for stroller safety. Verify the width of the wheelbase by looking at it. Next, make sure the seat is positioned low within the frame. Baby stroller manufacturers are required by EN and ASTM standards to test their products on an industry-standard inclined platform to ensure that they are stable. The test guarantees that the product is secure and won’t topple over while being used.

5. Look Over The Corners And Hinges

River Baby stroller parts inspection
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Any baby product’s crevices and nooks can be challenging, but strollers require extra caution. Watch out for protrusions or sharp edges since tiny fingers and toes might get entangled in confined areas. Sharp edges can injure the baby. Parents should ensure to look out for such edges when selecting a stroller. Parents must choose a reputable baby stroller producer.

Certificates Of Our Strollers 

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There are several ways to determine whether the stroller a consumer has selected is secure. However, safety certification through quality management and testing will make the process the simplest. A stroller without safety certification is inevitably dangerous for the youngster. Many certifications are used as the foundation for the safest baby stroller manufacturing.

1. EN

The EN certification, and more specifically, the EN 1888 certification, is one of the best certifications that a buyer can obtain for baby stroller safety. The EN 1888 certification is a European system of certification that was created to standardize the safety aspects of strollers and other related items. This group includes strollers and pushchairs. This has been done to move infants and young children with the least amount of risk to them.

The European Union has established this as the standard for the safest baby strollers. A stroller or pram must pass several demanding tests before being deemed compliant with these regulations. The tests guarantee that the item cannot directly or indirectly harm the baby. To ensure that the youngster is not uncomfortable, the baby stroller’s various angles will be examined. Additionally, this section of legislation addresses finger entrapment. The child’s tiny fingers could get caught if the stroller has holes. Due to these characteristics, the pram or stroller shouldn’t endanger the child.

To prevent the infant from moving suddenly, strollers have a few locking features. To make locking systems easier to use, the rules that govern them have been updated. They have also been made safer at the same time. Bumper bars are frequently nibbled by kids. These bars are wrapped in a layer of foam to prevent newborns from being injured by unexpected jolts. The bars are tested using a new methodology thanks to the new regulations in this certification. Even if the kids keep biting them, these new bumper bars won’t rip and reveal the foam material underneath.

Buyers should confirm that strollers and prams for babies have received EN certification. The certificate’s existence will ensure that the infants are not harmed in any manner while traveling in the strollers.


A non-profit organization, the American Society of Testing and Materials, creates and establishes standards for consumer goods. They frequently go beyond the current, binding government regulations.

According to the ASTM standard, a stroller is a wheeled vehicle typically used to transfer a baby who generally is lying down. A person or people push or pull on a handle that is fastened to the car to provide the motive power. A carriage might be able to fold up for storage.

The goal of certification, a type of conformity assessment, is to confirm that any particular product satisfies the performance requirements of the standard. Baby strollers are among the many consumer goods for home and business usage that are subjected to testing and assessment for compliance with safety and quality standards thanks to ASTM’s consumer product evaluation standards. These criteria for evaluating consumer goods are helpful in directing companies that make these goods in the proper fabrication and evaluation processes for quality assurance. This certification proves the stroller’s safety.

3. CCC

The full form of CCC is the “China Compulsory Certificate.” Before they can be exported to China, several product groupings need CCC accreditation. In China, certification in this area is required. For the standardized improvement of product quality and safety, there is the CCC certification.

A designated CCC laboratory must receive the product for testing in order to receive CCC Certification. China’s toy safety standards, as well as the existing safety requirements for children’s strollers safety, are among the testing criteria.


To limit the probability of child injuries, AS/NZS specifies the materials, construction, performance, and labeling criteria for prams, lightweight strollers, and their accessories. These requirements are given to manufacturers, authorities, and others as minimum safety requirements. The required standard specifies specifications for the performance testing, construction, design, safety warnings, and labeling of the safest baby strollers and joggers.

Critical points of AZ/NZS baby stroller certification:

  • A child’s backrest with a high back.
  • A child’s harness is used.
  • The capacity to disable kid steering.
  • Strollers must come equipped with a good tether strap that enables the user to be connected to the stroller.
  • Removal or disengagement of the pedals.
  • The kid’s seat’s capacity to recline or semi-recline.
  • Strollers are required to have one or more parking aids that restrict mobility.


There is no doubt that strollers are a necessary component of raising infants. The parents benefit much from its ease and convenience in their daily life. Strollers’ ability to safeguard the baby from accidents is its most crucial aspect. A stroller with a handle and wheels so parents can control it well and keep their child safe on bumpy or busy terrain. The handle and wheels give parents a solid grasp and balance. Additionally, it has a harness to keep the infant secure and unharmed throughout the ride. To get the safest baby strollers, contact River Baby Group

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