Every Baby Car Seat Must Be Safe

Every baby car seat must be safe.
River baby helps UK customer to solve false-locked problem on the baby car seat.


Our British customers told us that there was a serious problem in a car seat. The problem is that the infant carrier used to be locked falsely after being attached with the base. When the parents carry the car seat, the whole part was separated as if the infant carrier had fallen off from the base. Although there were quite a few car seat in which this problem occurred, we took it seriously and gave our level best to solve it for the same of the child’s safety.


The car seat has a compact structure. The troublesome part didn’t get much attention and the factory left it with issues even during the rework process. Since we couldn’t take any risk, we decided to solve this problem until zero risk.


After a long meeting, we decided to do extensive research in order to bring changes in product tolerance detail control.

How We Did It?

1. After analyzing the problem and getting the solution, we modified the structure to make sure the infant carrier and base is working properly.

2. Did separate inspection on the production line to make sure all the items are 100% checked and the infant carrier and base is working perfectly.

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