About the Pushchair: Which kind of Wheel tire you prefer – EVA /PU/Air tire wheel?

Are you looking for the ideal pushchair for your baby? When it comes to baby shopping, parents have to invest in numerous items and accessories for the little one. It’s not an easy job to make the best decisions, and often, some purchases aren’t one-time. However, if we talk about the pushchair for your baby, such chairs can certainly be a one-time investment until your baby is a few months or years old. 


Besides, whether you go for a designer pushchair or stroller or a decent one, it’s certainly not going to cost you any less. Hence, you can’t invest in a pushchair with the thought that you’ll soon be investing in another pushchair. With that being said, it’s undoubtedly crucial to invest in a pushchair that is a highly reliable and suitable option. 


Even though the different pushchairs and strollers offer different types of features depending on your needs, what matters the most is the tire of the pushchair.  With the different wheel tire options available for different strollers in the market, it can certainly be challenging to make the right decision if you’re not aware of each tire’s performance, including EVA, PU, and Air Tire Wheel. 

But don’t worry, you’re not alone in this as we’re here to help you make the best decision. So without further ado, let’s go ahead and explore more about the different pushchair wheels and their differences below in detail!


The Difference Wheels:


  • Air-Filled Tires:

The first advanced pushchair wheeling option is the air-filled tires. What makes these tires convenient and reliable is their ability to offer a smooth ride even on uneven grounds. Therefore, these tires serve as an all-in-one pushchair wheeling option for almost every kind of road or ground location. 


The look of these tires is similar to the tires on the bicycle, making them ideal for running on uneven and bumpy roads. Hence, these types of pushchair tires can be ideal for keeping your child at comfort every time you go out for a walk or jogging activity. Now isn’t that an intelligent way to take your little one for daily exercise too? 


That’s precisely one reason why such air-filled tires are commonly found on all kinds of exercise-related pushchairs, i.e., terrain pushchairs. However, the amount of these tires mainly depends upon the structure and type of pushchair you invest in. some may have 3-air-filled tires, while others may comply with the 4-wheel structure. Either way, having an air-filled tire pushchair is ideal if you love going out for long walks or jogging activities and can’t leave your little one at home alone – especially since it makes bumpy and uneven roads the least inconvenient and jumpy for your little one inside the pushchair. 


Even in non-smooth grounds like a garden or bushy area, an air-filled tire pushchair is more convenient and reliable as it maintains the grip and smooth moving on all kinds of floors/grounds. 


With all these benefits, one may find these tires to be the perfect option with no loopholes, but that’s not it. Since these tires are air-filled, they do have room for punctures. Not just that, but you’ll also have to fill its air consistently – as they aren’t going to be able to walk on the rough grounds magically. Yet, as long as you invest in a repair kit, a spare inner tube, and a pump, you can consider such pushchairs a better option than the rest. Also, make sure you buy some energy and time to keep maintaining the air of these wheels in time!


  • PU Wheels: 

Another considered pushchair or buggy wheel option is the PU wheels. If we talk about this product, there’s no hiding or revealing new information about it – as it’s been a familiarized option for many people for 50 years now. All thanks to the grip and softness of rubber that is offered by the PU wheels, you can consider it harder than rubber but equally more durable and reliable in more ways than one. 


Yet, you might not find the PU wheels as compatible and convenient on all kinds of grounds as the air-filled tires may be. Instead, these types of pushchair tires best serve on concrete and all-terrain surfaces. 


When it comes to the outlook, these tires can look highly similar to the rubber tires, as they both have a matte appearance and a soft touch. Yet, differentiating between the rubber and PU tires is crucial as you can’t go for rubber tires as a reliable option when you’re investing in a pushchair for your little one. A significant reason for that is the added convenience offered by the PU tires, with them being lighter, durable, smoother, and quieter in performance than the rubber tires. 


To differentiate between the two, you can slide the tires on a smooth and tied surface. If the tire slides easily, it’s undoubtedly PU; if not, then you can count it as a rubber tire.


  • EVA Tires:

Finally, the last pushchair wheeling option we can consider when investing in quality and durability is the EVA tires. These tires are manufactured as plastic and look the same as plastic too. Yet, you can’t entirely say that they are plastic tires. 


What makes them similar to plastic is their lightweight design and manufacturing. Hence, due to this feature, you will most commonly find the EVA tires on most of the pushchairs. One huge reason for having the EVA tires in most buggies and strollers for kids is that they are cheaper.


Yet, the features and benefits coming from EVA tires may also be limited. This is one reason we should avoid cheaper options, especially when it comes to the tires. Some reasons that can make EVA tires awful for pushchairs include their lack of durability, noise-creation while running, terrible grip, and easy damage. So if you’re moving the EVA tired pushchair on stony roads, you can quickly expect the stones to create holes on the wheel. 


Besides, when we talk about plastic or something that looks like plastic, how much durability can you expect? 




Even though the air-filled tires serve the most in terms of features and usage ease, choosing the right tire for your child’s pushchair mainly depends on your budget and demands. Hence, it’s time you understand how each of them serves and make the ideal decision for your little one. Happy shopping!

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