Top 5 Baby Car Seat Manufacturers in Europe

New parents or the parents-to-be are so excited for their children that they make sure to have the best while shopping for their baby. The first thing they start building for their baby is a nursery or a separate room. When paying attention to the other details, they often forget to check on that one thing they will need to travel with their babies. 

A custom baby car seat is a piece of equipment that is important for babies as per the law and ensures their safety. While searching for a baby car seat, many make the mistake of investing in a low-cost car seat that is not of good quality and hence ends up hurting their baby. You should look for a baby car seat china that provides good security of the child.

A Baby Car Seat

Furthermore, with overwhelming options available when it comes to baby seat suppliers, the choice of picking the best one becomes daunting. We have made the task easy for you by listing the best manufacturers of car seats available. Keep reading to find out!

Best European Baby Car Manufacturers

1. Cybex

Year Founded: 2005

Industry: Baby Stroller Manufacturing, Car Seat Manufacturer, and Other Baby Products 

Locations: Kulmbach, and Bayreuth and Prague

cybex logo
Source: Cybex

When it comes to car seat manufacturers for babies, Cybex is a renowned brand operating in the industry for over 15 years now. With their extensive experience, they are well aware of a baby car seat’s qualities and make sure that their products have them all. The company produces several products for the babies to ensure that the parents don’t have a hard time keeping them safe and distracted. It is into manufacturing car seats, equipment, baby gadgets, etc. 

The brand has an engaged and high-quality workforce to make sure that it can satisfy the needs of its consumers. The brand is committed to technical excellence, making them stand out in the industry. The different teams working in the company work closely to understand consumer needs and fulfill them.

2. Maxi Cosi

Year Founded: 1984

Industry: Manufacturing and Suppliers. 

Certifications: FAA and ASTM certifications. 

Headquarters: Netherlands

Maxi Cosi Logo
Source: Maxi Cosi

The founder of this brand has a mission of safeguarding the life of the little ones. They produce innovative products and launch out into the market at affordable rates to achieve their goals. The brand launched its first car in the market with several safety features, and since then, it has been well-known for manufacturing the best baby car seats. The company understands the ups and downs of a family living in a real sense and designs its products keeping it in mind. 


Its team members have adequate knowledge about how things work in the industry, and they combine this knowledge with the latest technologies to obtain the best results. The brand allows parents to focus on their children, and it strives to keep them safe by developing the best products with the help of research. 

3. Britax

Year Founded: 1938

Industry: Manufacturing and Supplier

Certifications: IIHS, FMVSS, ECR, NHTSA.

Headquarters: Europe

Britax Logo
Source: Britax

This European-based company manufacturing baby car seats is another renowned name in the industry and has been striving hard for years to satisfy the expectations of its consumers. The brand has gained the loyalty and trust of its consumers by delivering great quality products every single time. It focuses on new technology and innovation, and the aspect that the brand prides itself on is its open-line communication with parents using its products. 


Even if one family is not satisfied with its product and has suggestions for improvement, the brand has its ears open. Every car seat designed in Britax’s factory is based on a child’s safety, and they make sure to deliver nothing but only the best. They are after producing highly convenient products for the parents by ensuring the safety of their children while on the road. 

4. Baby Style

Business Type: Manufacturer and Supplier of Baby Strollers & Prams

Location: Leicestershire, UK

Year Founded: 1999

Certificates: All current European safety standards

Baby Style Logo
Source: BabyStyle

Baby Style is a popular company supplying baby products such as strollers, car seats that parents or babies may need. The company offers gear products at cost-effective rates without compromising style, comfort, and quality. The company strives to bring the best in its products at the lowest possible rates. They manufacture only the best quality products to ensure that their babies stay safe and secure. Furthermore, they manufacture products that are simple to use with some extra features to showcase the incredibility of their brand. 

They aim to produce and deliver comfort car seats for the babies and the entire family. This is what makes them stand out in the industry. With a huge selection of safe products for the babies, they stand out in the market and pride its offerings.

Best Baby Car Seat Manufacturer in China to Choose

River Baby

River Baby Logo
Source: River Baby

Business Type: Manufacturer

Year Founded: 2003

Headquarter: Zhongshan, China


River Baby is one of the top suppliers of Baby Car Seat in China. Their 12,000 sq. ft. facility is located in Zhongshan. Two fully automated manufacturing lines with a daily capacity of 500 units are housed in the ft. plant.


For effective manufacturing, they also have various workshops for production management, engineering, and warehousing management. Their plant has received ISO and BSCI certifications, among others, to ensure quality and efficiency. Request a factory tour now to witness our efficient manufacturing process.


Their objective is to give their consumers safe and trusted baby product solutions such as twin pram, baby highchair, and many more.


River Baby is your go-to baby product provider, with a purpose to create an integrated supply chain for personalized baby items that clients can rely on. You can count on reliable, high-quality items at incredibly low costs when you work with River Baby.

Key Products/Services:

The Bottom Line

Parents can compromise on several other things, but the safety of their children is of prime importance. Keeping that in mind, we have curated a list of the best baby car seat manufacturers in Europe to help new parents make an informed choice. What makes them the best in the market? Their commitment is to provide the safest seat with the best safety features to your child while on the road. 


Brands like River Baby are recommended for high-quality infant and toddler items. You can get in touch with River Baby directly based on your company’s requirements.

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