A Simple Guide to Baby Strollers on a Plane

Traveling with a baby may be difficult, and the rules concerning strollers on airlines can add to the complexity. That is why this post was written to provide a simple guide to baby strollers on a plane, hoping to answer all of the worries and make the procedure as stress-free as possible. 

The article explains the policies of various airlines, so users know what to anticipate when they go. It also recommends the best strollers for one’s personal needs, considering criteria such as size, weight, and simplicity of use. 

This guide is an excellent resource for making one’s next flight with a baby as smooth as possible, whether a first-time parent or a seasoned traveler.

Is a Baby Stroller Allowed on International Flight?

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Yes, a baby stroller is allowed on international flights. However, it is essential to check with the specific airline users will be traveling with, as some airlines may have different policies.

Some airlines, such as Frontier Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines, allow strollers in the airport to be checked in at no additional cost, meaning the stroller can be transported along with users’ other baggage. Other airlines, such as American Airlines, may require the stroller to be checked in as a piece of luggage, for which users may have to pay an additional fee.

It is always best to check with the airline in advance to avoid any confusion or additional fees at the airport. Some airlines also allow strollers to be gate-checked and brought to the gate right before customers boarded the flight and picked up right after they exit the plane. This would allow them to have their stroller throughout the airport and make their travel more comfortable.

What Kind of Stroller Can We Take on a Plane

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When traveling with a stroller, it can be a vital piece of equipment for both the child’s and the parent’s comfort and convenience. When bringing a stroller on a plane, the type of stroller allowed varies according to the airline. 

Some airlines will allow clients to travel with a foldable stroller on top of their hand luggage for free, while others may require the stroller to be checked in as baggage for an additional fee. Collapsible strollers, often known as umbrella strollers, are lightweight and small when folded, making them ideal for air travel. 

These strollers are frequently permitted as carry-on luggage and can be kept in overhead compartments or specific spaces on the airline. However, customers should confirm the airline they will be flying with because different airlines may have different restrictions. 

Some airlines may impose weight restrictions on strollers, and others may prohibit particular types, such as jogging or double strollers. Airline policies are listed here.

Airline Policies About Strollers on a Plane

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Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines will allow passengers to bring their stroller onboard if it fits in the overhead compartment or beneath the seat in front of the passengers. There will be no additional baggage fees for the stroller for the passenger. The stroller must be verified if it is not collapsible and weighs more than 50 pounds.

Frontier Airlines 

When traveling with a child, Frontier Airlines allows customers to check their stroller for free, whether or not it is collapsible.

Alaska Airlines

Parents can check their child’s stroller free at the gate or counter with Alaska Airlines. This rule applies to both collapsible and non-collapsible strollers. Parents can even request that the stroller be delivered to the plane’s door upon arrival.

American Airlines 

American Airlines allows one stroller per passenger and checks small, collapsible strollers weighing less than 9kg at the gate and larger strollers weighing more than 9kg at the ticket desk. Expect them to inspect the stroller at no extra charge.

United Airlines

Strollers are permitted in airports by United Airlines. However, customers must check their foldable stroller at the gate. A United Airlines worker will check non-collapsible strollers for free at the check-in desk. When parents using strollers arrive at their ultimate destination, they can request that the stroller be transported to the airplane door.

Southwest Airlines

Passengers on Southwest Airlines can check strollers in a plane and car seats for free. This rule applies to both foldable and non-foldable strollers. The stroller can be checked in at the gate or the ticket counter.

Spirit Airlines 

Spirit Airlines allows customers to check in one stroller free at the gate or the check-in counter for their child. It makes no difference how big the stroller is.

Jetblue Airlines 

Jetblue will allow passengers to bring a diaper bag, stroller, and car seat for free if they are flying with an infant child. The airline’s policy applies to both foldable and non-foldable strollers.

Delta Airlines 

Delta Airlines will let their passengers check their strollers for free. Depending on their preference, parents with babies can check their stroller at the curb, the gate, or the check-in counter.

How to Choose the Best Strollers for Air Travel

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When selecting a stroller for air travel, it is critical to examine its size and weight in relation to the airline’s restrictions—deciding whether customers will be checking the stroller with their luggage or bringing it as a carry-on is vital. 

Check the airline’s stroller size regulations before checking a stroller with luggage. Lightweight and compact designs are suitable for strollers that will be gate-checked or kept in overhead compartments. 

Other factors to consider when looking for strollers to check at the gate or strollers that fit in the overhead bin:


Whether passengers choose to gate check or bring their stroller on the plane, it should be light enough to handle it easily with their child and all their belongings.


What are the dimensions of the stroller while open and folded? Will the stroller’s folded dimensions meet the requirements for putting it in the airplane’s overhead compartment?

Carry-on luggage in the United States is typically 22″ x 14″ x 9″, while some airlines, such as Southwest Airlines, may need 24″ x 16″ x 10″.

Carry-on luggage sizes for international flights are similar:

21.7 for Air Canada “x 15.7″ x 9”

21.7″ x 15.7″ x 9″ Lufthansa”


Cost is always a factor to consider. It is advisable to assess passengers’ budgets before looking for travel strollers, especially since compact strollers for air travel are often the second or third stroller purchased.


Passengers don’t want a stroller that falls apart if thrown, especially for gate checks. Furthermore, passengers will need a travel stroller that can withstand the rigors of their journey, such as cobblestone streets, repeated folding and unfolding, uneven terrain, and so on.

It should also be strong enough to last through the infant and toddler years. As a result, we recommend investing in a travel stroller with a high maximum weight capacity.


What does mum do if they don’t travel lightly? Having enough storage space for their toddler’s travel essentials is critical. Some of the most basic airplane strollers have little storage space, but we offer options for helpful travel accessories.

Folding the Stroller

The parent’s travel stroller should be simple to fold and unfold. A one-handed fold is ideal since it allows them to keep their child in the stroller while folding it.

Although we recognize that two parents commonly travel together, this is only sometimes the case.


It’s pointless to buy a difficult-to-push lightweight stroller for airplane travel. Any parents want a stroller that can be used in airports while gliding effortlessly around new cities.

Find a Trusted Baby Travel System Supplier in China – River Baby

River Baby logo
Source: River Baby

A baby product supplier in China, River Baby, is a company that specializes in baby stroller manufacturing travel systems. The company has multiple workshops for production management, engineering, and warehouse management to ensure efficiency in their manufacturing process. Quality and efficiency are a top priority for River Baby; as a result, their facility has acquired certifications from ISO and BSCI, among others.

The main product offered by River Baby is a travel system, which comprises two parts: a stroller and a car seat for babies. The infant car seat can be put on and taken off quickly and easily, making it a convenient option for parents who travel with their babies. 

These travel systems are highly recommended for parents because they are portable, comfortable, easy to use, and lightweight. They are also made with the best quality materials to withstand the rough handling babies can give.

River Baby’s travel systems provide a safe, fun, and convenient way for babies and parents to explore the world. They promote family travel and allow parents to take their babies with them wherever they go. 

The company offers a wide selection of high-quality baby travel systems for car seats, strollers, and prams, and lightweight, double, and jogging strollers. This means that River Baby has something for every parent’s needs.


Traveling with a baby can be difficult, but the correct stroller can make all the difference. When flying with a stroller, it is critical to examine the stroller’s size and weight and its compatibility with the airplane’s overhead compartment. 

Flying with a stroller or a lightweight stroller is a fantastic alternative. River Baby, a reputed baby product supplier in China, provides the best travel strollers. They feature a large assortment of high-quality infant travel strollers systems and strollers that are portable, pleasant, easy to use, and lightweight. 

They have also gained ISO and BSCI certifications, ensuring the quality and safety of their products. Choosing River Baby provides that customers will utilize a safe and sturdy stroller for their baby while traveling.

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