Top 5 Baby Stroller Manufacturers in the USA

When you give birth to a baby, you welcome a plethora of changes and adjustments. While most brands market a ton of their baby gears as “essentials”, there is one thing you can’t function without a stroller. 

Now, you might be thinking, “Okay cool! I have to get a stroller,” but it’s not going to be that easy. Getting a stroller is not enough, finding the right fit for you is which can be quite tricky. The market offers hundreds of options, each of which sounds promising but doesn’t perform well in the long run.


Things to know before buying a stroller:


First of all, the size. You need a stroller that can fit in your car and pass through the doors in your house. 

Secondly, you need to consider where you live and how are you going to use the stroller. Will you be visiting the parks frequently? Will you be taking the baby along for your morning jog? Etc.

Thirdly, sustainability. If you are collecting baby gear for your firstborn, then \ ask yourself if you want to expand your family in the future. If yes, then you need to look for a durable stroller that will function well for your future babies as well. 

Fourthly, storage. You have to look for a stroller that has enough space to carry your regular baby essentials. 

Lastly, the budget is the king. The actual deal is to find a stroller that covers all your demands within your budget. For that, you need to keep a thorough eye on the market. Dozens of big names charge thousands of dollars for their baby strollers that don’t even perform well. 

This is where we can help you. We have made a list of the 5 best baby stroller manufacturers in the USA to save you the hassle.


Top 5 baby stroller manufacturers in the USA:

Following are the best manufacturers for baby strollers:(you can see more in here)(you can see more in here)


1. Graco:

Graco logo


This list would be incomplete without mentioning Graco. A decently priced brand with all the essential features. You might as well call it the Honda of strollers. With its easy to maneuver wheels, lightweight, strong grip on rocky paths, and safety features you won’t be surprised to know that Graco is the go-to option for most parents.

The system is easy to assemble and foldable which makes it convenient to store in small spaces. In addition to that, the extra cup holders and storage space at the bottom make it way more practical than its competitors. Especially when you compare the prices.

The cherry on top for Graco is its affordability, keeping in mind the quality is not compromised at all. You can easily find them at mass-market retail stores like Target within a price range of 100-250$.

Over the years, Graco has introduced an extensive variety of strollers which can easily be divided into 3 categories: Every day, Jogging, Lightweight Travel Strollers. Their Modes and FastAction Strollers have been the most favored by parents, primarily because of their 10+ configurations and removable strollers seats. 



2. Dorel: 

Dorel logo



Dorel Industries completed its initial public offering in July 1987 following a merger between Dorel Co. Ltd., a juvenile products company founded by Leo Schwartz in 1962 and Ridgewood Industries, Dorel Juvenile is including global juvenile brands Maxi-Cosi, Quinny and Tiny Love, complemented by regional brands such as Safety 1st, Bébé Confort, Cosco and Infanti. In Dorel Sports, brands include Cannondale, Schwinn, GT, Mongoose, Caloi and IronHorse. 

Dorel’s strength lies in the diversity, innovation and quality of its products as well as the superiority of its brands. A high level of customer satisfaction has been achieved through the location of permanent Dorel teams in close proximity to certain major accounts. Dorel maximizes cross-selling, cross-marketing, procurement and other complementary business opportunities. The Company also has over 250 employees in mainland China and Taiwan, offering its divisions and customers a variety of services including quality assurance, supply certification, sourcing of materials, an uninterrupted flow of products and freight forwarding.



3. Uppababy:

Uppababy logo


UPPAbaby is an innovative American brand which is  to make high-quality baby products.

To do this successfully, UPPAbaby look for ways to make strollers and baby products lighter, more savvy, easier-to-use, even fun. They explore ways to deliver greater comfort and safety for baby, with convenience and style for Mom and Dad. They even challenge the homogenous look of most baby products, by creating sleek designs and more sophisticated, modern fashions. UPPAbaby strives to deliver the personal attention and customer service that you expect and deserve. By pushing the edge on so many levels, UPPAbaby delivers the higher standards of innovation and style that discriminating parents appreciate.



4. BOB gear:

Bob Gear Logo


With its lightweight and high-quality strollers, BOB gear has made it to our top 5 manufacturers list. Pretty much like Baby Joggers, BOB gears are made to suit an athletic lifestyle. 

If you live in the countryside, or love hiking now and then, or if you are a new mom who is gearing to lose some of that post-pregnancy weight, BOB gear strollers are exactly what you need.

Their air-filled tires make it easy to maneuver on rocky terrains, and the UPF 50 sun canopy protects your child against the scorching sun. Moreover, they have adjustable handlebars and considerable storage. On top of that, they even offer strollers with ventilated canopies to keep the child comfortable in the summers. 

These strollers aren’t that lightweight since they are designed for heavy-duty usage. The most popular ones out of the lot are Revolution Flex3.0(Infants), Alterrain Pro Jogging Stroller(jogging), and the Rambler Jogging Stroller (Travel). 



5. LarkTale

larktale logo

source: LarkTale


Larktale was created by parents who have experienced the joy of bringing up children. Thire purpose is to empower parents around the world to seamlessly fit the magic of baby into their independent lives. With modern parenthood in mind, they have proudly developed some of the best baby strollers available and a wide range of accompanying stroller accessories, focusing on innovative products that look good, solve problems.

Founded in 2012, LarkTale has spent much effort on design and development to ensure that they manufacture baby strollers meet or exceed the stringent global safety standard. Every element of their products have been individually crafted with relentless attention to detail. The result of this journey is two distinctive, world-class strollers.

The Best Chinese Alternative: River Baby

River Baby Logo
Source: River Baby

Type of Business: Manufacturer of Baby and Maternity Products 

Location (Headquarters): Dongsheng Town,Zhongshan


River Baby produces high quality strollers. River Baby is the finest partner for OEM/ODM baby strollers that are tailored to your requirements, with a fully integrated supply chain that enables rapid sourcing and unsurpassed quality.

From River Baby QC labs to the product certification from third-party inspectors, we validate the high performance of our baby products with the latest technology. We also provide market-appealing custom packaging service to build up your brand.

Whether you want a big amount of wholesale baby items such as wholesale baby walker, wholesale high chair or custom baby car seat, their integrated supply chain system guarantees that you get the products you require. Strollers, High-chairs, Bouncers etc. are some of their main products. OEM/ODM Product Development, Supplier Management, Production Management are some of their main services.

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